Clearview South March 2014 - Issue 148 - Page 25

INDUSTRYNEWS ENERGY EFFICIENCY & MTC The other major issue is to continue the drive for energy efficiency in buildings. It is a great and worthy campaign because state of the art windows not only improve a property’s appearance, energy efficiency and security but they also provide a much more comfortable environment to live and/or work in. In addition they also help reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the environment. It’s a cliché, but it really is a win-win situation. Another change is the interaction between GGF and Government Departments. The interaction, awareness and influence with Departments such as DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) and DCLG (Department of Community and Local Government) are absolutely vital to ensure that Government gets a clear message from industry. RISING TO THE CONSUMER CHALLENGE What do you see as the main issues that lie ahead for the Federation? The primary objective for the Federation is to retain and acquire Members to maintain its position as the authority and leading trade organisation in the industry. The GGF also has a challenge in providing the best information and image for consumers to show that glass and glazing is not full of rogue traders and dishonest salesmen. Product quality and service has dramatically improved over the past ten years and the industry has a lot to be proud of but the GGF has to continue driving itself and its Members to keep the standards high. ‘the big change for all in the industry is the introduction of Minimum Technical Competence (MTC)’ In the more immediate term, the big change for all in the industry is the introduction of Minimum Technical Competence (MTC) which is now a Government requirement. The GGF has to play its part and this has already been kick started with FENSA promoting MTC and more recently with GGF Training Ltd, being set up to facilitate compliance across the industry. It is now up to all window and door installers to ensure they are fully compliant by 30 June 2014 so they can operate legally. My advice is not to wait but to act as soon as possible because the sheer volume of installers could potentially mean a shortage of places available for assessment and result in serious disruption to business. What are the advantages of being a GGF Member? For 10 years, my company, Saint-Gobain deferred membership, but during that period we really suffered from not gaining key information To read more,