Clearview South July 2014 - Issue 152 - Page 77

July 2014 FITReview Ritec – sticking it to the Fit Show Ritec International pioneers of durable ‘non-stick’ surface technologies launched, what can only be one of the Fit Show’s more exciting and innovative products- ClearShield EcoSystem™ Proving to be the first and only glazing component with a three-way guarantee covering performance, Ritec demonstrated how ClearShield Eco-System added value and profit at every step of the supply chain – fabricator, installer, contractor or trades throughout this and other related industries. Stephen Byers, Managing Director of Ritec International comments “The ClearShield Eco-System™ transforms new or old glass into a higher value product with lowmaintenance performance, resulting in diversification leading to higher sales. “Furthermore, the ClearShield Eco-System™ helps maintain the original ‘A’ Window Energy Rating (WER), allowing glass to uphold its optical clarity over the life of a window.” Customers do not have to stock a new type of glass; Ritec’s simple addedvalue package enables unprotected glass to be upgraded into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ in the factory. The system also offers companies the ability to renovate, protect and maintain existing glass on-site, giving them unique opportunities to add new revenue streams. In addition, Ritec are also offering new and exciting promotional material, point-of-sale displays, comprehensive training and technical support to assist with the promotion and sales of this surface based product. Ritec also produce a range of after-sales products to ensure the product performs to the best of its ability for many years after being applied. Ritec now offer a no-risk satisfaction guarantee. For more information contact Brian McDonald at or call +44 (0)20 8344 8210 ClearView_0414_Layout 1 14/04/2014 15:45 Page 1 A huge thank you to all of our Come visit us at stand 263: customers, old and new, for visiting us at the FIT SHOW 2014 We hope to hear from you very soon Tricklevents from Glazpart Have you chosen your colour yet? A special thank you to everyone who came to visit our stand For more information o "F