Clearview South July 2014 - Issue 152 - Page 47

Window and door technology Out for a pint with your mates? How about wearing one of these? Nein? We thought you might say that :-) There are times when putting on something German isn‘t the smartest thing to do. Not unless you like being the butt of a joke. But if we‘re talking about your windows, then that‘s a totally different matter. As you know, when something is ‚german made‘, people think good things about it. Things like clever design, practicality, reliability, durability, efficiency and all those other things Germans do so well. [We were really careful not to mention accuracy in penalty shoot outs there. Otherwise we might have annoyed someone.] Seriously, isn‘t it time your windows went out wearing some German kit? For example, Roto open-out hardware covers virtually every size and specification of window you‘ll ever need to make. That includes ones where a low handle height is required. With our quality control system, the latest technology in surface protective coatings and the most reliable delivery service in Europe, you won‘t be needing to substitute your hardware again. Your competitors certainly won‘t be laughing. But your customers might be bragging when they tell their friends just how good their new windows are – and how the mechanism is “german made”. Promote yourself to international level. Talk to your stockist about “german made” hardware from Roto. Roto Frank AG Window and door technology Rue du Bosquet 1 B-1400 Nivelles Belgium Phone +32 67 89 41 40 Telefax +32 67 84 14 56