Clearview South July 2014 - Issue 152 - Page 24

INDUSTRYNEWS Dealer network success for Conservatory Outlet As the end of Conservatory Outlet’s financial year draws to a close, the fabricator is celebrating significant growth which the company directors largely attribute to the success of its installer-customers. Conservatory Outlet supplies to a network of dealers, with one established in almost every region, and provides them with a strong level of marketing and sales support. As a result, success Conservatory Outlet has grown 50% year on year. “As a supplier to a very small customer base, we’re not your usual trade fabricator,” comments MD Greg Kane. “Through forming close relationships with our customers we become an addition to their business, providing many of the tools they need to grow organically, which in turn contributes substantially to our own success. “Most of our growth comes from the increased purchases of existing dealers but we’ve recently welcomed new dealers on board which has added to this. This growth is part of the overall growth of the industry which is currently up nearly 9%. This is great news, particularly for our customers as they’re ideally positioned to take advantage of a strong market.” or call 01924 239813 Compulsory IBGs welcomed by DGCOS The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) says it is “delighted” with the news that all domestic installation guarantees must have financial backing from 6 June this year. “This legislation from the DCLG is longoverdue,” explains DGCOS CEO Richard Christie (pictured). “DGCOS has, however, since its inception mandated its members to issue every retail customer with an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). “The existing system of ‘offering IBGs’ can lead to worrying problems for consumers,” continues Richard. “Often where an IBG is offered it isn’t always taken up – in my experience very few consumers offered an IBG after installation do so: not least because consumers have to pay for IBGs themselves at this stage. Add to this the fact that it can be easy for consumers to mess up the paperwork, with many forgetting to complete and return the forms, and it is obvious that more needed to be done to protect consumers.” Richard added a word of warning: “All IBGs aren’t equal – they can be confusing and full of get-out clauses but compulsory protection is a step in the right direction.” The report is available here: http://www. Report_3rd_Edition.pdf HURST DELIVERS WITH GROUNDBREAKING POD SYSTEM Hurst Plastics has boosted the efficiency of its deliveries after investing in a cutting edge electronic proof of delivery and fulfilment system from a fellow Kingston-upon-Hull based company. Developed by specialist IT solutions provider Axida, the new and innovative fleXipod system provides Hurst’s retail customers 24 JUL 2014 with more accurate, real time information on their deliveries than ever before. Hurst is the first company ever to use this best of breed system on the sophisticated next generation Samsung Note 3 handheld d evice. Each vehicle in Hurst’s fleet is now equipped with fleXipod, which generates live information for both the customer and Hurst to ensure smooth, scheduled deliveries and enhanced service. At the heart of fleXipod is its GPS tracking technology, delivered for the first time via a Samsung Note 3 handheld device. fleXipod offers seamless integration with the Hurst Live package - a complete solution which provides customers with essential, live information on every single order placed. To read more, visit