Clearview South July 2014 - Issue 152 - Page 104

MACHINERY Compact machine for versatile profile machining elumatec has unveiled its SBZ 137, an all new compact four-axis profile machining centre for aluminium and PVC profiles. The SBZ 137, with its innovative, patented machine concept, features a machine table that is tilted towards the operator and an extremely fast ring module with a powerful spindle. The machine table is tilted 30 degrees to enable the operator to work in an ergonomic position. The machine can then be loaded from an upright position, thus reducing potential back strain. Another advantage of the inclined bed is that it gives the operator a very clear view of the SBZ 137 in all machining positions. Machining times are substantially shortened thanks to the ring module, which can run at a speed of up to 150 m/min on the machine bed for profile machining.