Clearview South July 2014 - Issue 152 - Page 103

MACHINERY Skill shortage pushing out lead times at Stuga Stuga Machinery manufactures automatic sawing and machining centres for uPVC window and door fabricators but the high levels of activity in the window industry have pushed Stuga deliveries back to early 2015. A big problem for machinery manufacturers is acquiring skills followed by the training lead time before extra capacity can be created. Stuga has been recruiting and training skilled staff, as well as taking on apprentices, for the last 18 months but each trainee needs training time from the established workforce, which in turn can hold them back. Based in Great Yarmouth, there is a big engineering resource created by shipping, gas and oil but this means that all industries are competing with each another for the same pool of people. Inevitably, this drives up wages and also costs for everyone. Stuga has a tight-knit unit of people and once the company finds the right person, they don’t tend to leave as it is a nice environment to work in compared with some of the bigger industries. Component machining resource is another problem area in which Stuga has found it necessary to purchase more automated machinery for its own production - and then find the staff to operate the new machines. Again, it is necessary to recruit locally from companies that are actually also suppliers. As the orders keep mounting, the owners Stuga always need to consider when the next potential downturn could come; so too much capacity is not socially good because people may then need to be laid off quickly as the work drops off. This leads to extended lead times that prove uncomfortable for Stuga and its customers. But innovative ways to improve production techniques and product design are also helping. Fortunately for Stuga, many customers are prepared to wait for its products as they like the way the company works, how easy the machines are to maintain and how excellent the back-up is. The Stuga Service Center based in Great Yarmouth, is able to give the top class back-up essential for a uPVC window and door fabricator. FULLY REVERSIBLE WINDOW SYSTEMS IF YOU DIDN’T SEE US AT THE FIT SHO W, CALL U S NOW ! WWW.SPILKA.COM To read more, visit JUL 2014 103