Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 82

U- V “The expert brand for window and door hardware” All around the world, the name of VEKA has come to stand for the very best in PVC-U window profile systems for the construction, refurbishment and home improvement industries. V-Z Victorian House, Hendy Industrial Estate, Hendy, Pontarddulais, Swansea, South Wales, SA4 0XP. Tel: 01634 263 263 01634 263 300 01634 263 504 VBH (GB) Ltd VBH House Bailey Drive Gillingham Business Park Gillingham Kent ME8 0WG The UK’s largest specialist manufacturer of uPVC vertical sliding sash windows Contact us now: Telephone To speak to a member of our team, our offices are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm, please call: Sales: Fax: For more information visit our website or contact us on: Call: 0845 1700 810 Fax To place an order or request a quotation by fax please dial: Address Tel: 0500 822340 Ultraframe (UK) Ltd, Salthill Road, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1PE Call 0128 MLB\[ۈ [[H[ \ \^KLH QH[XZ[[\[]Z\PZKHX˝Z]Z˘B^  H M  [XZ[۝X\H[XZ[X\HXۈH[[ˈH[X]\[\[[XZ[H[YH\[\^K[\XܚX[Y\˘˝Z‚ܛXY\[Hٚ[H[[[\B[ݘ][ۋ^X[]H[[X]XH\XK] H\H\[H]\KRHX\Y]\YYYYSS [ H L ̌ L MNB]HB[[Z]Y\BHXH[[Z[]HHKYܜ\[\T‚]X[]HY\\[  LM  L ^  LM  M L[XZ[[\[]\[\\˘B[ L M LH^ L M LKSXZ[]\][[Z]Y]K˝Z‚˝[]\[\\˘B[]\]\[HZ[[\Y] X^KYܙ  ‚܈]\HSSԈTH[x&[]\YY[\\[RٙXH\Έ [H NH[Y][ܙ\[\][YH^H]˝\XZ[[[K˝Z܈[\XX[\ܝX[Hۈ LL ͈  ܈[][Y[\\ܝ[\XBTXZ[[[H [] K[[ \[K]^KьMS Ľ ̌̍^ H MB][[H H ͈]ܛYX\\HX\\^  PBUHSTTQTHPHVHTTHY\[\X[KӕPTӈ MH N ˕TUTӕUK˕RQBXZH\H[\ܚٛܘB\HY]܈H؋SˋHܚY[[ۙKT܈[ܝ[\‚TPшP ԐQBܚX\] H[] Hݙ\Y]\Y]HX\[^[[Xۙ\ [ܙB]\]][][\[\YY\܈[\ZX\][XB˝ܚX\˝Z‚[   MH NL S L‚PTQT‚