Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 71

CONSERVATORIES Making the most of social media In his previous marketing article for Clearview Mike Bygrave, marketing manager at Roseview Windows, shared his top tips on what makes a good direct mail campaign. This month Mike talks about getting the most from social media. It’s fair to say the industry has embraced social media, with many companies using tools such as Twitter to improve their online presence and engage with thousands of potential customers. However, navigating the world of social media can seem like a daunting task if you haven’t done it before. Here are some things you can do to help get you started on or make the most of your existing social media: Use a variety of platforms One of the fastest growing fabricators in the UK for a reason... Are you missing out? Establish goals and measure results You don’t have to be on every social media site to be a success. Instead find out which platforms your target audience are using the [[\H\H[[[\Y\YK]\\ݙYH\HYX]H]ܛH]\Hܙ[\][ۜ[X[\\[\\\[]Z\Y[YKXZH][][X\\]YXKX][\[8$[H[[][[HZK\ۙ\]8&\[][[\]YY[H^H[XKXY[\H] Y\X\و[]]HX]\X[Y\\[ٙ[܈\]Y]\˂YX\\[H\[و[\X[YYXH[HۙHY[HۛH[x&\H[][H\XK\\H\[[\[\[Y][H[YXY]HX]\\]XX[H\Y[XY]Y [ۘ\[ۋX[YYXH[HH\[ YH\[\ [\Y\[K]8&\܈[[\[[ۙ]\Hܛ][[ܙHܙX]\[\\\\[ \و[ ][H[[H[[\]X܈\]H[YH\[HZH ܈]JHۈ][[]\[ˈ[]Z\\H]H[[ۈ[H8$\Y\][\H[H[\[ Hܜܘ]HۙJKXX]܈وۜ\]ܞHٜ‚ܘ[\HXX[\‚\]]]HX\[\XHXY\ܛX[H\8(ܝ[X\\\Yٜ8(Yٜ‚˜[ZY\\\Y\˘˝Z•[ L   ^ L   [XZ[[\[ZY\\\Y\˘˝Z”[ZY\ۜ\]ܞH\Y\ [] \[\[\\\[Y ۋ ]Y][H L LMBH L L ‚XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘BS L‚B