Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 68

ENERGYEFFICIENCY Energy Saving Measures Could Increase a Property’s Value New research published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed that energy saving improvements could add significant value to properties across England. According to DECC, improving a property’s EPC rating from band G to E or from band D to B could add more than £16,000 to the sale price of the average property in England. Those in the north of England can expect an even greater value increase by investing in energy saving measures: In the North East, moving from band G to E could increase the value by £25,355 and in the North West by £23,155. Commenting on the results, energy and climate change minister Greg Barker said: “We have long known the benefits of making energy saving improvements to the home, but this study is real evidence of the huge potential rewards. Not only can energy efficient improvements help protect you against rising energy prices, but they can also add real value to your property.” Currently, 46% of all properties in England are rated at EPC level D. On the role that the Green Deal can play in helping improve the nation’s energy efficiency, Barker said: “The Green Deal is helping more people make these types of home improvements, reducing high upfront costs and letting people pay for some the cost through the savings on their bills.” ‘We have long known the benefits of making energy saving improvements to the home, but this is real evidence’ Green Deal giant in administration Leading Green Deal provider Enact Energy Renewables is in administration. Begbies Traynor is now running the Cornish based company. Enact has been in business since 1996 and has worked with more than 100 local authorities to upgrade 300,000 properties. The firm became the first in Cornwall to achieve Green Deal Provider status from the Department of Energy and Climate Change in January. It was one of the 22 Green Deal pioneers alongside Carillion and Willmott Dixon.Enact also signed a recent deal with the Residential Landlords Association to provide Green Deal upgrade work. The company had set a target of upgrading 10,000 properties over the next five years valuing the contract at £100m. Christopher Norman and Ian Walker of Begbies Traynor business restructuring and insolvency advisors have been appointed as joint administrators. Norman told This is Cornwall: “29 members of the company’s staff were made redundant on the appointment of the joint administrators on account of the company’s insolvency. “The company has retained some of its employees to assist the administrators in conducting an orderly winding down of the company’s affairs. “We will now attempt to source a purchaser for some or all of the company’s business undertaking and assets.” ‘ Target of upgrading 10,000 properties over the next five years valuing the contract at £100m Two New Websites Launch to Help Capitalise On the Green Deal A duo of dedicated new websites have launched to help homeowners and businesses up and down the country make the most of the government’s Green Deal scheme for energy savings. Green Deal Certified and Green Deal Directory are designed to help businesses offer Green Deal energy savi ݽɭ͕́́Ѽєɕѕ͕ͽ́х́ѡȁɕḾչЁ=ѽȀȰѡ́ͅ ɥѽ́ٔɅѡɕ͍=ɕ́ɽѡѵЁɝ䁅 є  ͡܁ѡЁɕхɕɕɐյ́5ɍݥѠЀ͕͵́ѕ 䁵ݽѠɅ́Ёѡɽ՝ѡɽɅ͍ȁѡɕѼݽɬѡɔЁɕ䁽ѥ͕ͽ́х́ݕٕȰ́Ё䁅ɕѕѡٕɹи5͵́݅ѥѼɕɽ٥̰͕ͽ́х́ͥ䁑eЁٔѡѥȁͭ́Ѽєѡɽ̸]ѠЁɅɽѼɕɕхѥѡɅ܁ɕ ѥݕͥєͽٕ́ѡ́ɽ䁽ɥݽձɕ́ե݅Ѽєѡݽɬѡͅ䁽ɽمQ́աȰ́ͅȁɕ ѥͅq=ȁ͕٥х́݅ѡͱѥɽ̰Ёݥ́ѼхaɕϊdѠѼɕхѥtYͥЁ輽ܹɕѥ$$$輽ܹɕɕѽ乍լ((())U0()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((0