Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 54

ALUMINIUM CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE Aluminium bi-fold doors Functionality combined with innovative design. Bi-fold doors have been one of the most popular home improvement products of the last decade; according to Palmer research there were nearly 20,000 bi-fold installations in 2011 and this will rise to 30,000 in 2014. Aluminium has an increasingly large share of this lucrative market. The first choice of material for homeowners and architects is aluminium, especially in installations where cost is not an issue. It is also a profitable choice for installers as there is a higher profit margin to be made in the premium market of aluminium doors. There are many reasons for aluminium’s increasing popularity in the door and window industry and Neil Ginger, CEO of Origin, explains them in further detail… Strength and weight: execute without being too heavy. The strength also makes aluminium bi-folds very secure, especially when combined with multi-point locking systems and locks that have been accredited the ‘Secured By Design’ status. Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency has become increasingly important for homeowners. Aluminium frames incorporate thermal breaks, which resist thermal transfer from the outside to the inside living area, keeping the room cool in summer but warm in winter. This achieves lower than average U-values, especially when incorporating weather tight seals. Maintenance: “A major reason for aluminium’s popularity is its unique combination of strength and weight – it is extremely strong yet just 33% the weight of steel. This combination makes aluminium an ideal material for smooth gliding, easy to operate bi folding doors. Bi-fold doors are popular for creating a beautiful focal point of the views across the garden and the ability to seamlessly link two spaces into a unique ‘third space’. The strength of aluminium allows bi-fold doors to be manufactured with unbeatably narrow frames giving aesthetically pleasing sight lines and letting in maximum amounts of light. Furthermore, to create this ‘third space’ architects are not restricted to the type of configurations to incorporate into a build design, as aluminium is versatile and strong enough to make complex layouts such as moving corner posts and bay setups easily to Aluminium bi-fold doors are virtually maintenance free. It doesn’t expand or contract so the alignment of the doors will be maintained over the lifetime of the product, with no warping or need for adjustments. The smooth finish of the material contributes to the low maintenance of the doors, as they don’t attract contaminants. In addition to this, the frames won’t rust, discolour or get damaged by exposure to the sun or wet weather, which makes it ideally suited to all installations, even those in hard weather areas such as coastal properties. The durability and quality of aluminium means that doors made with this material are very long-lasting. In fact Origin offers an industry leading 20-year guarantee for its doors. Experiment with colour The interior and exterior door frames can even be different colours; So whilst the outside of the doors can match the external fixtures and fittings of the house, the interior frame can be a different colour to match the room. Realistic wood grain effects are also available offering the aesthetic beauty of wood with the superior performance of aluminium. With hundreds of colours and special finishes available the choice can be daunting. Origin has created nine eclectic colour palettes each with 10 colours, ranging from bright primary shades to candy pastels and deeper earthy tones. Grouping the colours into ranges makes it as easy to choose door colour as it is paint colour. Market Growth It’s clear to see why aluminium is a popular material for bi-fold doors. With the ability to seamlessly link strength, precision functionality, innovative design and beautiful finishes, it is such a versatile material. I’m proud to say that Origin has grown rapidly in line with this popularity, to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality bespoke aluminium folding sliding doors, with sales increasing by 86% between 2010 and 2012. Budget for a bi-fold varies from £1,000£1,600 per linear metre plus VAT for the doors including installation. The price will vary according to the specification chosen for the build.” For more information visit or call 0845 450 6662 The versatility of powder-coated aluminium allows homeowners to choose completely bespoke doors customised with any colour. 54 JUL 2013 To read more, visit