Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 53

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS Acquisition enhances specialist skills M5 Glass Centre is proud to announce the recent acquisition of DAK Bristol. DAK is a specialist unit for oversized and integrated blind options, advanced glass painting services for splashbacks and screening applications alongside some really creative results from their sandblasting facility. DAK will be relocated to M5 Glass Centre where the merging of the two facilities will further the specialist skills and equipment. Keith Noble from DAK will join the M5 team and it gives great opportunity to use the oversized washer and manipulator assembly to take the M5 production capability to even more clients. It is an exciting addition to the Cornwall Glass group and especially for the Highbridge branch, where the continual investment not only enhances the skills and knowledge of the team but also allows the group to offer further services and products to their customers. Cornwall Glass Director Paul Garrard said, “This exciting opportunity will really add value to the M5 Glass Centre facility with impressive new capabilities setting out new standards for in house production, leading to better opportunity to serve our customers from one pane of greenhouse glass or a mirror for the home through to scheduled production runs or full site installation services.” Tel: 01278 781500,, Silk-Screened Glass Adds Artistry to San Francisco Campus Although the City College of San Francisco’s Chinatown/North Beach campus has operated from more than 30 different locations over the past 30 years, its newest, and most permanent, location stands out. The 14-story building’s stunning exterior showcases three different high-resolution, evocative images, produced on Viracon glass using traditional silk-screen methods. According to the building’s architects, space constraints and city zoning laws prevented them from placing a sculpture in front of the building. Instead, they worked with Viracon to create a glass curtainwall that doubles as an art installation. Viracon used a traditional silk-screen process to create high-definition imagery on glass, the first application of its kind. Throughout the process, Viracon maintained the integrity of the original images, producing a remarkably detailed and beautiful façade that illustrates the spirit of the college and the surrounding community. “Viracon was a reliable partner from start to finish on this project. They worked with us to deliver accurate samples and mock-ups to translate images to glass, making the application a real success,” says David Peck, project manager of Architectural Glass & Aluminum. For more information, visit Focussing on glass processing technology and services Glaston’s expectations for the development of the glass processing market in 2013 are cautiously positive. Following the measures implemented during the beginning of 2013 the company stands on a stable foundation and Glaston can focus on further developing its business and core competence areas. “During the beginning of 2013 we completed a series of actions to improve our financial position. The program was ambitious and the schedule very tight but we were able to complete all the planned actions. As a result of this, and the adjustment programme that we implemented during the end of the year 2012, Glaston stands on a solid base. This gives us good opportunities for developing our business. We will continue our investments in product development and in the further development of glass processing lifecycle services,” Arto Metsänen, CEO and President of Glaston Corporation stated during China Glass Exhibition in Beijing, China. “We already offer the industry’s best quality and widest range of glass processing machines and related services. Our clear goal is to be the world’s best operator in all aspects of lifecycle solutions in glass processing technology”, said Arto Metsänen. “Despite the challenging operating environment we have continued our strong investment in product development and this creates the prerequisites for the exceptionally high glass quality achieved by our glass processing machines. Today Glaston has a versatile product and service offering that meets the customers’ demand.” To read more, visit JUL 2013 53