Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 50

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS PARTNERSHIP DECADE FOR TOP ENERGY RATINGS Leading Gloucestershire sealed unit manufacturer Hourglass Seal is celebrating a double anniversary. It has reached 25 years of successful trading and also marking 10 years working with GLASSOLUTIONS Solaglas as its supply chain partner for the PLANITHERM family of softcoat low-e glass. Back in 2002, Hourglass Seal was quick to spot the potential offered by PLANITHERM in a market which was at the time having to adapt to ever tighter U-values and, by 2004, the subsequent WER scheme. It began sourcing stock and toughened PLANITHERM from Solaglas, as it was, and the company has never looked back according to MD Kevin Averiss: “As Part L drove down U-values in the 2002 update, hardcoat low-e glass was no longer capable of delivering sealed units with the required solar control levels and PLANITHERM was the clear alternative. PLANITHERM initially provided the thermal solution for aluminium systems but nowadays we use it across the board for PVC-U and timber fabricators too.” “We’ve always used GLASSOLUTIONS Solaglas in Dudley as our PLANITHERM partner, their service is excellent and we know we can rely on their technical know-how to help select and process the most suitable formats of PLANITHERM for different applications.” Hourglass Seal, GLASSOLUTIONS Solaglas www.glassolutions., PLANITHERM www. NEW WEBSITE PROVIDES EYE-PLEASING FORM AND POWERFUL FUNCTION Saint-Gobain Glass UK Ltd, (SGGUK), the company behind market leading low E glass Planitherm and a range of high performance and effective solutions for all glazing requirements, has redeveloped its website to provide a fresh, exciting and easy to use experience. The site has been evolved in direct response to customer feedback. Saint-Gobain Glass selected the UK as the pilot project that will be rolled out internationally. With a fundamental challenge to improve the experience of all groups using the website whether homeowners or professional specifiers, SGGUK has ensured its new web site enjoys a cleaner, crisper appearance at the very least. Improved navigation, which for example allows the highlighting of sub headings within specific sections simply by hovering the mouse over any information required, ensures that any references required by the user can be found quickly and easily. The site is segmented by sector: for example those seeking information on glazing solutions for homes are able to find appropriate information quickly and easily whilst commercial specifiers, such as architects, can easily match solutions to any specifications. Visit the new website at Stylish & versatile Introducing six new exciting designs to the Pilkington Oriel collection, Pilkington Oriel Cirque™, Linear™, Saturn™, Burdock™, Bay™ Opal and Canterbury™ Opal. These new designs join the ever popular and well established Pilkington Oriel Canterbury™ =ɥ1ɕѼєɕɕ͠ѡѥͥ́ȁɈ٥ՅፕЁչѥ䰁Ѽɕє履͠٥ɽиQ́܁፥ѥɅչɅѥٔэ́ͥ́ٔɸЁɅݥѠ͵ѠɅչɴəեѕȁ͔ݥɅѥɍѥ̸ѡ٥Յͥ́́ɕѕͥѡȁAѽ=ѥӊȁAѽ=ѥӊ=́ՉɅєȁፕЁЁɅ͵ͥѥݥѠمɥٕ́́ɥم()ͥ́ɔɕٕͅѥɔѡəЁȁɕѥݥѥձɱ䁥ѡɽ́ȁɽЁ̰ݡɔѥѕɅ屔ɽՍѼѡɽٕ䁍Ёѥٕ丁Q䁅ͼɽ٥ɸѕɹѥٔȁ٥́Ս́եєѡɽЁ́́ݕ́ѥ́͠эɑ̸ܹѽլ((())U0()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((