Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 46

HARDWARE&SECURITY Bi-Fold Boom Carl F Groupco, the established distributor of fittings to the window and door industries, reports growth in demand for hardware designed to support the bi-fold door market. A flagship product for this market is the T-Fold folding sliding door kit, a fully inclusive solution for bi-fold doors available exclusively from Carl F Groupco. Manufactured in the UK, the T-Fold is understood to be the first complete hardware ‘kit in a box’ designed specifically for timber bi-fold doors. A key benefit of the T-Fold is major simplification of the ordering and assembly process. With add on packages for additional door leaves, rapid product sourcing is enabled and a harmonised solution is provided. Supporting the bi-fold boom, Carl F Groupco confirms the continued success of the popular FS Portal hardware for aluminium, PVCu and timber profiles. The improved ‘FS Portal PLUS’ hardware is available from the fittings supplier with enhancements to provide a low threshold bottom track, now fitted with brush pile to reduce debris and aid smooth operation. Contact Carl F Groupco Limited, Tel: 01733 393330, Email: sales@carlfgroupco., Follow Carl F Groupco on Twitter using the handle @Carl_F_Groupco ANTIQUE BLACK HERITAGE RANGE FOR PERIOD PROPERTIES Fab & Fix, the UK’s leading designer and distributor of perfectly-matched hardware, has introduced an exclusive new finish for its range of classically-styled door and window components, which lets fabricators create a period look. The Antique Black Heritage finish is inspired by 19th century ironmongery and is ideal for the sympathetic refurbishment of period properties, allowing homeowners to benefit from the enhanced thermal and security performance of modern windows and doors while retaining a classic look. The black hammered finish is, like all Fab & Fix products, salt spray tested to 480 hours (BS EN 1670: Class 5) and is applied to die-cast zinc, a much harderwearing material than traditional iron. Will Butler, managing director of Fab & Fix, explained: “Our Antique Black Heritage finish provides the fabricator with a positive selling opportunity, allowing them to create windows and doors which retain the look of period properties without compromising on security. The range is fully compatible with modern espagnolette locking systems, offering homeowners the benefits of a classic aesthetic combined with contemporary security and thermally-efficient profiles.” The Antique Black Heritage finish is now in stock and available on a range of classic window and door furniture. Visit store/downloads/antique_ black_heritage_range/. New Door Lock Range in Stock VBH stocks Maco’s new AɽѕЁ QL̰ݡ܁ݥɅȁ展́Ѽɥѕͥѡͅѡ́ɕՍɥѽϊdѽٕ́ͥ她ѡȁɑȁɽ̸ QĹѠнٕȁЁѥ̸Qչѥ͕́ѕѡѕͽȁȁнٕȁȁ5ЁȁЁչѥ=Ʌѥɍ́ɔɕ䁱܁ՔѼɕ͕ٕЁ5 <adɥٔѕ䰁ͥɽɔѡЁɕ́ͭЁɕٕͥ́٥ѡɽȁ̸Qɝ͕́ɔЁѼ͔ѡɽɽѥɕեɕаѡɅ͔ݥЁѡȁչȁչչAhȁ́Ս́ѡɕѕDɥȁ ٔ QĹɔٕͥȁ́хɐQ́ɽ٥̀́ɅͅЁɅѕЁɕձ̸!ݕٕȰٕɕѕȁɽͥɕͥхٕ5QɥЁA1ULѥ́ QĹɔɽٕչȁѡ5