Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 39

INDUSTRYNEWS Emergency Glazing Event Proves a Networking Success The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) inaugural Emergency Glazing Networking Event held at the GGF Offices on 24th April proved a great success with some 30 delegates attending the GGF offices to hear presentations from Giles Willson, GGF Deputy Chief Executive and James Lee, GGF Marketing and Communications Manager on the operations of the GGF and its many benefits. The event was held because the Emergency Glazing Group is keen to expand the UK coverage of the recently launched Emergency Glazing Register, which now has over 70 emergency glazing Member company outlets, that fulfil the GGF Emergency Glazing criteria and are listed on the GGF website with 24/7 telephone numbers, web links direct to their own websites and email addresses. Delegates had ample opportunity to network at the reception, lunch and later at the Counter Terror Expo at London Olympia where the GGF was exhibiting on behalf of its Members in the Safety and Security, Fire Resistant Glazing, Window Film and Emergency Glazing sectors. On the success of the event Giles v66VFVB( ėBv2fW'vBWfVBBv0V6VBF6VR֗bV&W'2V&W'27WƖW'2BVFGFVB( f"&Rf&FVfvvb&rVwwrvvb&rV( UU%DŒUT5UDTN( dB4rt2Dt$@dBWfVG2FRFV&VBF2V.( 2VwW&dB6r&VBfb6RbFR7BWW&V6VBW&F&v6W'2F66FR&W7BG&FRV66rBFRTW6VV6Rv&G2#2VRB&VWFgVB&Ɩw6vFRFR&fW"FW2FV6rFRvW"FRVFvW26C( F2V6&VǒBW'6fVVFBv6'&VvBFRGW7G'rvFBB6BF&R7F'BGW7G'FBBvBW6VBFBW&Fr( 26fVBFF( 26ƖFSw&GGBVvVǒVvvr&6FBv2WW'FǒWV7WFVB( ( F22fF7F2&V6vFbFR&Bv&FBW"FVF6FVBFVfRWBF7FrF2V.( 2dB6r( VvGvdBWfVG2vrF&V7F"6B( 6ǒ&Vr6'FƗ7FVBv2VVvf"W2vRWrFBvRvW&R6֖rWv7B6R6W&W2W'2FR6V7F"'WBFvvR6( B&VƖWfRB( &RFSRbW&F76Rf"#B2&VG67WVB6f&֖rFBFW&R2FVfFVǒrFW&FVFFRWfVBFR#BdB6rv&WGW&FFVf&Bg&F'FVRwwrfG6r6V( 'W6W72bFRV.( v&@FW&RvW&R6VV'&F2&VB2FRdTTw&W66VBFR'W6W72bFRV"v&BBFR'W&W'W6W72v&G2&V6VFǒVBBFR7F&2FvWFR'W&W'W6W72v&G22WfVrb&FR6VV'&FvƗGBvW"FB6vVFvW2B&Wv&G2FR6WfVVG2bG26'W6W76W2BFfGV22FRdTTw&W( 2BFfRW2W2FRFV&RF&VBF&R&W6VFVBvFFRv&C( W"vf"'W6W72bFRV"2fF7F266FRBvR&RVFVBFfR&VV&V6v6VBf"W"&Bv&'W"RFvbv6vR&RVWVf6ǒ&VB( dT2&VVVvR'BbG2&V( 2Vf7GW&rW&FvRf"&RF#RV'2BGW&r#fvrFR7V6FbFR *3S&vFW"'VFr&V7G2'W&W&V6RRFFRT( 2&vW7B77FV2Vf7GW&W"FfR6FVW3( FR7V6FFVv2W6FrWfVBGW&rw&VBV"f"dT#vR6VV'&FVBW"#WFfW'6'bVf7GW&rFRTBvR&Rrv2FRdTTw&WvFGW&fW"VǒW6W72b *3R֖ƖࠥdT2#"sccwwrfVV66W6VV'fV6РF&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6РT#03