Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 38

INDUSTRYNEWS 100km Walkers Raise £10k For Good Causes Covering the full distance from Richmond Park to the finishing straight at Brighton racecourse in a time of 28 and a half hours, the intrepid pair have so far raised over £10,000 for the NSPCC and “Balls To Cancer”, their chosen charities. Their progress has become the stuff of legend, from a warm up with Mr Motivator that saw them set off at a blistering pace, through their encounters with fellow participants, mud, walking through the night, the ‘Everest-like’ South Downs and the inevitable resultant dreadful blisters and soreness, to a welcome lager or three at the finish. “Jim and I are recovering from the physical effects of the walk but we both want to thank everyone from the Industry who sponsored, supported, helped and cajoled us to complete this epic challenge,” said Whiteline MD Steve Milham. It’s still not too late to add your sponsorship to the valiant pair. Visit www.justgiving. com and find Steve and Jim’s pages or text ‘SPMI48 £10’ or ‘JCLB60 £10’ to 70070. Two Directors of Sussex based fabricator Whiteline, Steve Milham and Jim Corby, successfully completed the 100km London2Brighton Challenge on May 25th. Construction SMEs failing to win 9 out of 10 public sector contracts More than 40% of construction SMEs are failing to win nine out of ten public sector contracts and over half have seen their success rate fall when bidding for public sector work over the past five years, according to a new report by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “Public sector construction contracts are worth more than £37bn per year – almost 40% of all construction output – so it is vital that SMEs are able to win their fair share of this work. The economic and environmental arguments for procuring with small local businesses are widely accepted, so now it’s a case of finding ways to increase this type of procurement. “I’m delighted the FMB is working with the Cabinet Office and the Local Government Association on these important issues, as it will take a co-ordinated and collaborative effort by both government and industry to improve the public procurement process for construction SMEs.” Cllr Peter Fleming, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Improvement and Innovation Board, said: “Councils have a vital role to play in driving economic growth, helping to create the right infrastructure and environment for local businesses to succeed. “The LGA is therefore working with the FMB to highlight local authorities that have streamlined their procurement practices or introduced support for local suppliers and using these examples to promote best practice across the sector and help level the playing field as much as possible for SMEs.” THE VIRTUES OF ‘THE PORTALS OF MAJESTY’ EXTOLLED IN HILARIOUS RADIO CAMPAIGN Signature Windows, the retail brand of Chelmsford-based fabricator Pioneer Trading, has launched a hilarious and powerful radio campaign featuring non other than actor Brian Blessed and his formidable, booming voice to extol the virtues of the brand’s window, door and solar offer. Part of the powerful Signature marketing package that promotes the brand to homeowners, the highly popular actor uses his trademark thunderous voice to urge listeners to turn to ‘the keepers of the portals of majesty’ and ‘banish the chill winds to the wastelands’ by installing new Signature Windows and doors. Signature Solar will, says Blessed reaching a crescendo ‘Annihilate the one called bill!’ The advertisements are being broadcast by Heart Radio, through as many as 100, 30-second spots per week over a 12 month burst. Initially the Signature ads will be broadcast in London, Beds, Bucks and Herts, Essex and Harlow. The advertisements will then be rolled out to other regions throughout the year. The consumer advertising is just part of the support provided for the Signature Dealer Network and is part of one of the most comprehensive marketing packages available through a dealer network in the UK. Listen to the Signature commercials here: http:// 38 JUL 2013 To read more, visit