Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 30

INDUSTRYNEWS A SAFE BET FOR NEW CUSTOMER Every business likes a happy customer but for the latest installer in the Glazerite fold, the compliments started right from day one, even if it took a 200-mile round trip to find a supplier that just happened to be a near neighbour! It wasn’t until Stewart Tyler of Rushdenbased Safehouse visited The FIT Show in Telford that he met Glazerite, based just seven miles down the road in Wellingborough. He was not only so impressed that he placed his first order on the spot but he was so delighted with the service that he put his thoughts in writing immediately after the first delivery: “I wanted to say how impressed we were with the quality of the service and products we have received so far. From the delivery lorry to the driver... to the sales team but mostly the condition of all the windows. Also thanks for your commitment in providing us the competitive quotation. You obviously know how to treat your installers and for that we are very grateful and look forward to placing many more orders.” Glazerite Director, Jason Thompson, said: “We built our entire reputation on our commitment to customer service. We obviously tick all the boxes for Stewart.” Visit High-Profile Tweeter Becomes New Brand Ambassador Nigel Grant, one of the industry’s foremost Tweeters and a finalist in the Master Fitter Challenge is now the face of Cutting Edge UPVC, helping to p &FRFR7v6WF&6VB7FW"66VRf"FR7Fff&G6&R&6VBf'&6F"7WGFrVFvR&RV6ǒ'VFr&WWFF2G֖2Bf'v&BF涖rVf7GW&W"BFRG&GV7Fb'&B&76F"FRf&bvVw&BvgW'FW"V6RFV"7&VFVF2FR7FRG&VB&6VBf'&6F"&VƖWfW2FRG&GV7FbWr&GV7G2BFFfW26&VBvFFV"WF7VW2GFVFFFWF2'W6W72v6FVRF6WBFV6VfW2'BG2&GV7B&vRrWFVG2F&fFrF'2BfW'F6ǒ6ƖFr66W2w6FRW7Fr&GV7G2g&&fR#"7v6B"f"FR66W'fF'&g2'F7V"7WGFrVFvR&VƖWfW2FBFR&V6VBG&GV7Fb7v6v&RFR6FǗ7Bf"w&wFvVw&B6VFVC( 7WGFrVFvRBFV"7v6&GV7BfR&VG&VV&fVFRBfRW6FF&V6VFrFV&FFRvW"bFR'&B6&VBvF7WGFrVFv^( 2W6VVB7W7FW"6W'f6R2vW&gVffW&rf"7FW"( 6s"SSRR6W47WGFvVFvWvFw26Vf6Bwwr7WGFvVFvWvFw26V"fr7WGFtVFvUUd2GvGFW"ࠤd5U2DRdU"DUD0FR7V66W72b76V( 2v&66W'fF'&b6&RGG&'WFVB6'BFFR6( 2f7W2FRfW"FWF27V62FR&FvR7&W7Fw2BFW&6FFw2FRFW7Bv&FV66'&6W&RW7BֆfRf"66W'fF'7V6Ɨ7B76V266RGFVFFFR'FB7V7Bb&FvRFW6vB7V'6WVVFǒffW'26VV7FbF&VRFW&FfRFWF2v6666FFRf'r&bF6W2&vrg&RF3RFVw&VW2( &FvR6( B6ǒ&FvR( WVBFfBVr76V( 26VbWV7WFfR( ĖbFRFV66FWF2&V( B&V66Vǒ&vBBFR&FvR76V&ǒ2G&6FfBFVFR66W'fF'7FF7V'6WVVFǒ6'VFR&6bfW&R6vRfR&fFVB66RbF&VR&FvRFWF2FV7W&RFBV6&V7B2&&FR&FvRf"FR"( FW6R&7F6&FvRFW6v2&RV7Ff'&6FRB7FvF&6b7V'6WVVBG&VvG2"vFW"w&W72( F2vVVvVW&VBB&fV&b2&VVFW6vVBF&RV7F7V6gV7Ff'&6FRV7FfBBV7FFFN( 2vBW2FRv&&bFRFV66Rf"66W'fF'&V7G2&FFRTBv&GvFR( Рwwr76V6V3T#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р