Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 27

INDUSTRYNEWS Last Chance to Exhibit at K 2013 The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is announcing an opportunity to book the last remaining stands within the British Pavilion at K 2013. There are two prime locations available within Hall 5, the raw materials hall. This includes a 20 sqm corner stand (4 x 5 sqm) and a 7.5 sqm stand (3 x 2.5 sqm) with one side open. The BPF are encouraging companies to secure this space now to avoid disappointment. The K Trade Fair has been considered the undisputed flagship event ܈H\ LYX\[\\[Hݙ\XܚXY]^[]HZ][\][[ M[ˈ L\Hܛ8&\\\\X[X\YHZ\[]Y[ M Lؙ\ L[\[ܙ\X[KR^X]ܜ YY]H\]Z\[Y[H[HXH\H܈HRYH [\Y[ R JHܘ[و0K L \Z\[] LˈH\HXܙY]YYHܙ[\][ۈ\[YHHR HYZ[\\H[[[[]\^X]ܜ]Z\\X][ۋX[YX\\ \Y\وXYYB[ܜ ۜ\]ܚY\•[[\ H[HYˈ L L H][‘]KNK ̌ LBUH\[YBH]Y[‚][ۜY\\\X[][LL  L LL L L ML L M ML M ‚[\H][‚و[\Hۜ[\ ‚[ۂB[H^YH]Y[¸([]\H[ ܈[X[H8(YH[]\H8(ݙ\ \[]Z[XH8([Y\[ٚ[H8([YH^H][][ۜ8( KM^H\[\YۈH\H[]]H][[\H][R][ۋH[[[]\YH[[Z[[]Z[[[ۘ[\H[\H]\ܛX[H\KXX[[\H[[\[[\\]\YK[[X]B\]X[\\HX\ܙY\\ܙ˝\X[]B[ܙH]Z[]˘˝Z][̌ Lˈ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[۝X[[HY\Xۈ  M L H܈[XZ[YY\X˝Z‚  L  LYX\N  L NB]YYXHX][YH\[^[Y\][ۈ ъH\][YH]ۛ[HYYXHX[]Y[X\\[Y\[XX[\YKY[ۘ[ ][ۘ[[[\][ۘ[YYXHX\[K]\Hш[ܛX][ۋ[XY\[ˈHYYXHX]ˈًܙ˝Z\\][HX\XH[][YH܈\\ۛYX]\X[܈Z\ۈXX][ۜ[[][X][ۜ[[[Y[H]\ш\[X\\[X]\H\X\[^[]H[XYH[]Y\][ۈ[XY\[ш[\[[ܛX][ۈ[Y\][ۈшYH[ۜ[Y\Y\܈[[ۛ[H\KHYYXHX[X]\\HшY[]\YY[H]\ш]ˈY[Y\шܛ\YY^X]]H[Y[Y 8'H\H[YY[XH\]X]\HHшX]KH[H\K][ݙHH\H\Y[[][X][ۜ܈ۛHHYYXH][܈шY[X\˸'BՐUNNBՐUL  L L  L LNBՐULBՐU  L N  L NBՐU[X\ۈ\H^\]HوU Z[[][Hܙ\܈YH[]\K YܘZ[[\Y[KMBՐU&H\H\Y[[][X][ۜ8&BY܈\]Hܜ8(][ܜTܜ8(Y[\[T [[Z[][HKY8(ۜ\]ܚY\‚[ ј^ L шX\][[[][X][ۜX\][ًܙ˝Z  LHLL K[] K[\\K[[Y\[K\^K [XZ[[[][˘˝Z‚˙[][˘˝Z‚XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘BS L‚‚