Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 23

DOORS&WINDOWS Mercury Rising Mercury Glazing Supplies Limited has been fabricating PVC Vertical Sliding sash windows using the Spectus VS system for 10 years. During that time the company has experienced steady yearon year growth, which is no mean feat given the economic challenges the industry has faced. But in the past 18 months the company has undergone an intense period of investment that has boosted sales growth even further. Sales Director, Chris Hughes, explains to Clearview… “As a niche product supplier of the Spectus Vertical Sliding sash wi Y\\H^[\Y\[Z]Y\HYH\Y\[[[\[YH[\ˈHٙ\H L ^YX\\[Hۈ\X[x&\H]][\HHX\[Y\]HY[ۛܙY YHو\\Y\]H[Y[]\܈ LYX\؝[\H]HۙY[H[\[\X 8'HHHX\X]\H]\H]XX\]X[[۝[Y\HHX\]XY\H]HHۙ[[[][ۜ\]X\Y]X[H[\وۙ\\]HX[XZ[^H]H\ܝY\܈ L ^YX\[[][YHH]Hܛۈۜ\[HXXYX\]X[[\Y[x&]HXYH[XH[\\[\\H[XYH\H Hۈ\YX\[\ܚٛܘH\ܛۈH IH [\YY\ˈ8'\\]܈H[وYX\\ L [][H\H[ۈX܈\ˈ\\]X]\ \X[Y\\YZX\XY]XH]X\Kx&]H[XYHX[[\ݙ[Y[\\Y\\X\[\\Y[XY]YHHX[X[[\Y[و0̍L ݙ\H\ N[۝ˈ[Y\\H^XXH]^K]\X\\H[ܙ\Z\H\[YH[[ݙHܝ\ 8'H[ۙ^H\[ۈH]][[\Ӑܛ\X[\Ӑ]\]]XY[XX[K ][]\HZX\[]Xٝ\KH\H\[\ZXܛ&\]][ۈٝ\KX\\\\ۈ]\H[]X[YX\Y[[\XXYX[ۈ[]H\\Y\[^X[]\H]H]H[وܙ\ݙ\[\\[Y\[ܙX\H\X[YX\[\X]HY[\ݙYYXY[H\[\ٙ\[H]\\Y\^\Y[K'H[ M L [XZ[\Y\\Y^[˘˝Z܈\]˛Y\\Y^[˘˝Z‚XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘BS L‚‚