Clearview South July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 10

DOORS&WINDOWS LARGE-SCALE REPLACEMENT CONTRACT AWARDED The commercial branch of Hazlemere Window Company has recently been awarded two multimillion-pound projects, which will see the replacement of no fewer than 2,117 windows that have been in-situ for more than four decades. The Aylesbury New County Offices contract was awarded in late 2012 and work commenced on the 1,437 window contract in February 2013 at a cost of £2.1m. The project is expected to last 9 months and result in a 15% reduction in energy costs for the council premises. Likewise the Merton Civic Centre in Morden, was wrapped in scaffolding at the beginning of May 2013 in preparation for the replacement of its 680 steel framed windows, deemed unfit for purpose by an independent glass and glazing consultant. As part of their contract, Hazlemere Commercial will recycle all the old windows, replacing them with highly thermally efficient aluminium double glazed windows, manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium billet. The new energy saving products being installed by Hazlemere Commercial are Sapa Dualframe top swing reversible windows that will enable all the windows to be cleaned safely and easily from inside the building, with resultant health and safety and cost saving benefits. Contact Simon Keegan, Hazlemere Commercial’s Commercial Sales Director on or 01494 897600 or visit www. Sales up 30% as panel doors decline Door-Stop sales in May have increased by 30% on last year’s figures. The growth is coming both from existing installer customers, who are buying 10% more Door-Stop composite doors than this time last year, and from new customers joining at a rate of 24 a week. Nick Dutton, Managing Director of DoorStop, comments: “These figures represent a significant increase on last year’s good results. We’ve seen a trend of customers ordering more composite doors as the trade in panel doors falls. Homeowners are demanding better security, energy efficiency and a quality door that looks like timber. I don’t believe the total number of new doors sold across the industry has increased by such a large percentage but I’m sure composite doors are making substantial gains at the expense of panel doors. To stay ahead of demand, we’ve invested in another CNC machine – bringing our total to eight.” ‘A significant increase’ To buy composite doors with guaranteed 3-day delivery visit www.door-stop. Follow Door-Stop on Twitter @ doo ѽ̸()ܹ٥ܵլ()ɥѕѡɽ՝ѥݽɬٕȀɅչѕ́ɽݥ()I 9\5I-P()́9ɥԁѥѕ()Ё܁Aɼ%хȁɽ܁ȁ̰ͥ؀Ā((())U0()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((0