Clearview South January 2014 - Issue 146 - Page 64

HARDWARE&SECURITY Game, Set & Match The brand new greenteQ catalogue is now available from VBH (GB). greenteQ is VBH’s own brand of hardware and ancillaries that sits alongside the company’s third party premium branded product lines. The range includes a wide selection of British-designed window and door hardware, as well as a number of lines from the International greenteQ range, including construction chemicals and gaskets. All handles, hinges and furniture are suited to provide a perfect colour match across a customer’s doors and windows. Standard finishes are PVD gold, polished, satin and smokey chromes, white and black. VBH Technical Manager, Melvin Hutton, is responsible for developing the range and he says, “Traditionally VBH has only distributed other peoples’ products and we were, and still are, very good at that so it was something of a sea-change to start developing our own range. Happily the first products, the Gamma cylinder and Sigma hinge were both very well received, and we have continued from there. “With the arrival of t he Omega letterbox we are able to provide UK fabricators with a complete suited door and window furniture range, with perfectly matching colours and a consistent design throughout.’ greenteQ Window & Door Hardware & Ancillaries Issue 3 The catalogue can be requested via the Contact Form on Vietnam manufacturing operation expanded The Trojan Group has just announced the expansion of its manufacturing operation in Vietnam. Tony Chadwick, Trojan’s Group Managing Director said, “The additional capacity will allow us to keep pace with growing demand for our products and continue to keep manufacturing in-house so we can maintain our stringent quality standards.” The new build expansion will give the Group a further 20,000 square metres of manufacturing space. Tony Chadwick has just returned from a trip to the plant where he took part in a ceremony to mark the start of work on a new building. Work is due to complete in 2014. The Vietnam plant opened its doors earlier this year, joining Trojan China as the Group’s second overseas manufacturing facility, and the expansion is a sign of how Trojan’s sales are going from strength to strength. But Tony is clear that growing sales were not the only reason for the expansion. Tony says, “The investment we are making in Vietnam undoubtedly strengthens our ability to meet our customers’ demands. It also allows us to offer stability as all the signs are that production costs in China will rise in the coming years.” Tel: 01922 713 933, Email:, Website: Meeting TS008:2012 for letterplate security products UAP Limited, supplier of decorative and security door hardware, has become one of the first, if not the first, companies to meet the new TS008:2012 standard with its range of hidden fix letterplate security shrouds. When combined with the shroud extension, UAP’s Hidden Fix Letterplate Restrictor Shroud meets the TS008:2012 specification, providing extra security against lock manipulation and key fishing. 64 JAN 2014 The new specification was issued in 2012 by the Door & Hardware Federation in association with Secured by design. The aim of which was to provide a classification for the enhanced security and general requirements for letterplates. UAP’s MD David Jennings said: “We are pleased to be first company to be able to offer customers letterplate security products that comply with the new TS008:2012 standards. It is great to see more and more emphasis being put on security measures for the door and we will continue to develop products that will help combat different burglary methods.” UAP’s Letterplate Restrictor Shrouds fit over the letterplate on the inside of the door to restrict the opening of the innerflap, thus preventing burglars exploiting the opening to put hands, arms or objects through to obtain keys or manipulate thumb turn cylinders. Call 0161 796 7268 or email To read more, visit