Clearview South January 2014 - Issue 146 - Page 63

HARDWARE&SECURITY British company takes overseas markets by storm Award-winning safety firm, Jackloc, is a global export success story A pioneering safety company, Jackloc, the first window safety lock of its kind over 10 years ago has achieved global success, exporting to markets worldwide. Jackloc, based in Leicestershire, created the original, awardwinning universal window restrictor in 2003. It’s a simple, but very strong safety product, aimed at reducing the risk of falls from open windows. The family-run company now exports Jacklocs to Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Arabia, and is seeking to expand further into international markets. Jacklocs are fitted in hotels, hospitals, care homes, schools, student accommodation, high-rise flats and private homes all over the globe. The firm has sold more than half a million of its locks, having established its worldwide market via a variety of channels, through multinational companies, mail order, e-commerce and independent retailers. Business is growing year on year and the company’s customer base has expanded enormously, with the winning of numerous new contacts both in the UK and overseas in the last couple of years. One export challenge has been the differing overseas laws and regulations, but the Jackloc team has been successful in championing UK health and safety ideas as well as coming up with concepts that meet customers’ varying needs and requirements. Following new Decree governing window safety in Abu Dhabi, Jackloc started exporting to the United Arab Emirates in 2012. The Department of Municipal Affairs ordered that all windows and other openings in residential buildings must be restricted after a number of children died in falls from the city’s high-rise tower blocks. Jackloc also sought advice from UK Trade & Investment, the government department, which works with UK-based businesses to ensure they have overseas success. It helped with issues such as language, translation, cultural differences and ways of doing business in different countries. Emma Wells, Director of Jackloc, said: “It’s our mission to save lives and reduce injuries. We want to see window restrictors installed in buildings all around the world, and are delighted to have become a real UK export success story.” The Jacklocs comprise a flexible cable between a window or door and its frame, restricting how far it can be opened. They can be fitted to any type of window or door, whether wooden, metal or UPVC. A new ‘push-and-turn’ variation aims to be as child resistant as possible, without the need for a key. Find out more at www.jackloc. com or call 01455 220616. Jackloc is the original, award-winning universal window restrictor It is simple, strong, exceeds the most rigorous safety standards and can be fitted easily to any window or door. Available in various colours, it allows windows to be opened safely and securely, reducing the risk of injury and fatality from falls from windows. Available in three designs - key release, push-and-turn release or permanent fixed cable. Made in Great Britain, sold worldwide CALL US TODAY 01455 220 616 AND VISIT WWW.JACKLOC.COM To read more, visit “the price of safety cannot be measured” JAN 2014 63