Clearview South January 2014 - Issue 146 - Page 46

TIMBERNEWS Proving Essential Seven years after purchasing Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS), Jamie Rudd of Rudd Joinery describes it as the heart of the business. A family business Rudd Joinery is run by father and son, Martin and Jamie Rudd, with Mum Stella and a part time clerical assistant in the office plus 4 joiners in the workshop. Based in Fakenham, Norfolk, the company manufactures bespoke windows, doors, and staircases. Viewing JMS Jamie was convinced that this software was the way forward for the business, but his biggest concern was that he was not into computers. The catalyst for change for him was the difficulties he faced recruiting the right staff. It was more and more difficult to find joiners who knew what they were doing. Jamie was used to working from hand written notes with rough sketches illustrating the job. When he started the business however, he discovered that not all joiners could work from sketchy information, and found it difficult to get experienced staff that could. Utilising JMS, Jamie has seen a huge improvement in the professionalism of the information he can now provide his workshop. “I am now free to run the business and can complete all the paperwork and calculations in the office before the joiners even start the job. JMS allows me to get accurate information to my joiners in a professional way, helping them to get the job right and making their lives easier,” he says. Jamie found JMS easy to learn, adding, “The joinery terminology made sense and was relevant. It helped that the trainer was a joiner himself. He used joinery examples and sketched out cross sections to illustrate how JMS 46 JAN 2014 worked.” After two days training, Jamie was able to enter additional pricing information and go it alone. Thankfully he was never completely alone with telephone backup and remote access support through Log Me In. He says, “Customer Support has been very good. Video Tutorials are also a great tool because what you want to do is in front of you so if you are not sure you can just watch it again!” JMS has also significantly improved Jamie’s ability to quote accurately and quickly. Prices used to be stored in Jamie’s head, but now JMS can provide accurate prices to the nearest penny, protecting Rudd Joinery’s profit margins and providing visibility of costs. Most quotes are now emailed to customers allowing a very quick response time. With true scale drawings produced automatically and wood, glass and fittings clearly specified, Jamie can now provide an order confirmation with the quote and ask customers to sign to avoid disputes later. An added benefit of JMS is the ability to provide u-values and CE marking. Jamie says, “JMS can automatically print u-value certificates but I hold onto them until the customer has paid, which provides an added incentive for prompt payment.” Jamie adds, “With JMS we are able to handle bigger jobs. I now save approximately 50% of my time due to JMS, time I can now spend in the workshop.” Wood and glass are ordered directly from JMS printouts when the order is placed. He says, “We can now email the glass order through to our supplier requesting the delivery date we want. The glass turns up on time, and we sometimes deliver it directly to the customer’s site — if we are not fitting it ourselves.” Jamie is confident that JMS has helped his business grow, making them more efficient and more organised. “We have seen a 25% business growth since purchasing JMS.” Jamie says that it is hard to summarise the best advantage of JMS, since there are so many. It has definitely made Rudd joinery more customer focused, providing customers with professional quotes, with quick turnaround times. It also makes it easier for the joiners in the workshop. With each new update that Joinerysoft bring out Jamie is able to alter JMS and improve how they use it. He says, “As a small firm I can really see the benefit of JMS. As well as making me compliant with CE legislation the new Factory Production Control System helps me to easily keep track of training completed by my joiners and reminds me when my machines need servicing with a visible schedule.” For Rudd Joinery Ltd, contact: sales@ruddjoinery., tel: 01485 529136, For Joinerysoft contact: enquiries@, tel: 01608 643302, To read more, visit