Clearview South January 2014 - Issue 146 - Page 41

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS GLASS DISPUTE RESOLVED Pilkington United Kingdom Limited has resolved a dispute with Uniglass Limited in relation to its UK Registered Design Number 2090474 for Pilkington Texture Glass Contora™ patterned glass. Without admitting liability for infringement, Uniglass has undertaken not to sell or offer for sale, or import into the United Kingdom, goods which infringe this registered right, including but not limited to its Uni-Tor product. Further, Uniglass has also agreed to withdraw from circulation and destroy all marketing literature in the UK that refers to such goods. References have already been removed from its website. Additionally, Uniglass has agreed to pay Pilkington United Kingdom Limited a sum in damages and legal costs associated with this matter. Andy McDowell, Commercial Director, Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, commented: “This case highlights the importance we place on our brand equity so that we preserve value for our customers to supply a well-known brand to homeowners. We take defence of both our products and our brand very seriously and will take action, as in this case, to ensure that customers and consumers receive the product they are expecting.” Ticking all the boxes Worcester-based fabricator-installer St Johns Window Centre is another happy SWISSPACER customer. All the windows it installs have SWISSPACER inside. Marketing Director Garry Monk explains why he only uses SWISSPACER: “All the windows we fit have SWISSPACER because it gives the best energy ratings and is much neater than foam spacers. We use SWISSPACER in black for a discreet, classy finish. “We’ve recently taken delivery of ‘SWISSPACER inside’ window stickers to use in our retail showroom. The stickers are a great talking point and an easy way of illustrating the benefits of warm edge to customers.” St Johns Window Centre, which sells to the trade and directly to homeowners, also makes sealed units. SWISSPACER has a clear advantage for this side of the business as SWISSPACER requires no specialist machinery or additional investment. Garry adds: “SWISSPACER is very easy to process – we process by hand and are very happy with the results. We’ve been using SWISSPACER for years and wouldn’t consider using anything else.” “SWISSPACER is the UK and Ireland’s leading warm edge spacer bar,” says Vic De Costa, SWISSPACER UK Marketing & Sales Manager. Visit or call 0845 601 1265. Follow SWISSPACER on Twitter @Ultimate_Spacer. ALD-DEDICATED RESEARCH LABORATORY OPENS IN ST. PETERSBURG Beneq and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) have officially opened the ALD Application Laboratory (ALD AppLab) in St. Petersburg, Russia. The laboratory, a concrete step in boosting thin film research in Russia, is the next step for Beneq in building a notable and ever-growing business around ALD* in Russia. *Atomic Layer Deposition ‘New and profitable business’ The ALD AppLab is a concrete research resource dedicated to thin film science. The laboratory will focus on fostering research and scientific development into To read more, visit industrial applications, with a strong emphasis on atomic layer deposition (ALD) as an enabling technology. Beneq CEO, Mr Sampo Ahonen, says “We expect the ALD AppLab to speed up the transition of ALD from academic science into new and profitable business. This is also why we hope to see academia and industry working side by side on mutual development projects.” ALD enables managing material at an atomic level by applying layers of a certain element composition, structure or thickness to a substrate, and also achieving precise coating parameter control. Applications of ALD thin film technology include enhancing the efficiency of solar cells, improving optical properties of glass and protecting sensitive electronics from early deterioration. JAN 2014 41