Clearview South January 2014 - Issue 146 - Page 19

Smarter Data Introducing the 3rd Generation Salestracker In-depth prospect data for the trade, commercial and new-build markets Fabricators and Installers1 d 17,618 contacts with 15,086 emails 8:35 PM d 12:34 PM IGU Database1 1,222 contacts with 1,226 emails Q W A E S Z R D X T F C Y G V U H B J N 123 I O K M P L ! , Roofline Installers1 Search ? . 123 8,139 contacts with 7,394 emails Local Builders2 22,407 contacts with 12,092 emails Architects2 15,793 contacts with 17,145 emails House Builders2 3,119 contacts with 2,849 emails Main Contractors2 2,626 contacts with 2,469 emails Renewable Energy2 4,945 contacts with 5,896 emails 1 (UK and Ireland) 2 (UK only). If you want better sales and marketing results, you need smarter data. Salestracker is updated live in real-time with in-depth market intelligence to help you target up to 64,000 potential new customers. So whether you want to target Rehau installers in Yorkshire, local builders close to your trade counter, or architects specialising in social housing in London, simply log-in to Salestracker. We call it Bigger Thinking. To find out why over 600 industry suppliers already use Salestracker, call 01934 808 293 to book your FREE DEMO. dma we are a member Glass and Glazing Federation @insightdata | T: 01934 808 293 insightdata business is better with insight