Clearview South Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 92

MOVERS&shakers NEW HR ROLE Security products specialist grouphomesafe has created a new group-wide role, appointing Laura Coleman, previously HR officer for its ERA business, as Group HR Manager. A law graduate, Laura decided on leaving university to take her knowledge of employment law into the field of human resources. She now holds a Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management and is currently studying for her Masters, which she hopes to complete by summer 2013. Prior to joining Grouphomesafe, Laura worked at Linde Creighton and Nightfreight GB, where she was regional HR Manager covering 60 sites with 2,000 employees. Commenting on the creation of the new role, Grouphomesafe CEO Darren Waters says: “As a business operating across multiple sites, it is important to have an integrated approach to our various management functions. As employees are our key asset, we need HR strategy to operate seamlessly across all of our businesses which is why we have created the group role. Laura’s role already encompassed several parts of our business and that experience made her an excellent choice for the group role.” Based at the ERA site in Willenhall in the West Midlands, Laura’s role will now take her to all of the company’s sites. For more information on grouphomesafe, visit http:// FABRICATOR FOCUSSED APPOINTMENT Leading building envelope and new energies specialist, Schueco UK, has appointed Sean Butler to the post of Commercial Director Metal Construction. With 24 years experience in the UK construction and building products industry, Sean has worked for a number of major companies and is equipped with a particular, specialist knowledge of aluminium systems. Sean, who gained a degree in Material Science and Engineering at Leeds University, will be focusing closely on Schueco’s highly regarded network of fabricator partners. Working with his sales team, his aim will be to develop the network and to ensure that all Schueco partners have the support required to enable them to win competitive tenders in today’s challenging marketplace. In Sean’s view, Schueco UK is a unique brand offering a combination of innovation and technical excellence that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. His previous experience has provided him with the varied skills ne VFVBFR6FfR6G&'WFFFRgWGW&RbFR6f6Bwwr66VV66VUd"B66W'fF'WFWN( 2v6&WGW&VBFv&FRWrV"FWr&R2BvW"fvr2&Fg&767FBff6RvW"#&VG&7G2VWfVV'2bGW7G'WW&V6RfW"bv6fR&VV6W'fVBvFFRvVfVB&6VB66W'fF'WFWBGW&r2FRvF27W'&VBVW"2&VV&FVBGv6R7V62&VV2FfGV7V66W72BFBbFR62vRB2fW'V6W'6&'b( 2F276v2&VfV7FVB2v&2767FBff6RvW"2R7V&VFVBFR6FVFWfVVBb4"66W'fF'WFWN( 2&W7R'W6W72vVVB6gGv&RB&R&V6VFǒFRG&GV7Fb&&6FRG&6r77FVv6F'2FR&w&W72bWfW'VwFb&fRFRf'&6F.( 2f7F'( ĖFWfVrW"Bg&7G'V7GW&R27&VFVBFRVVBf"gVFRBvW"BF2&F2F&VvǒFW6W'fVB( 6BW&F2F&V7F"֖6v66&RvFb2Vff'G2rFWfFVBFF2f6WBbW"'W6W72vRv&R&RF&fRFRf6ƗFW2f&RFW"FVW'27V62FR&6r6gGv&RB&VFR&FW&rF2FBFW&VGV( Рwwr66W'fF'vFvF&WFWB6V dT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р