Clearview South Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 32

We’ve listened to you Machinery Ha Stan ll 2 d 42 2 MACO UK Stand 4-200 Advert for FiT2.indd 1 Think You Know Us? Find out what we can do for you at the FIT show 24/01/2013 11:14:19 Edgetech, a Quanex company, is preparing to give visitors to the FIT Show a real experience as it uses the exhibition to launch several new products as well as showcasing its cost effective and high performance Super Spacer warm edge technology. With an impressive stand incorporating interactive visitor areas already in production, the show looks set to be the perfect platform for Edgetech to show the industry what it now offers to make it the perfect IGU solutions partner. Stand 1-350 Andy Jones, Edgetech’s Managing Director comments: “Edgetech only ever exhibits at shows when we have something new to show and as such, this year the FIT show will be s WFr7V6#26vfW2V"b6vRf"W"'W6W722f"FRf'7BFRvRfR7G&FVv2VF6VF7G&'WF6vFVFR&GV7G2( 2FW6vVBFRW"7W7FW'>( ƗfW2V6W"vFR7F6&6fr6vVBF7G&'WFFVvF&7FvR6rffW"7W7FW'2VF&RvW&f&6RVf7GW&r6WF26VFr76W'2B6VG2BvFWBvfrFV6v'&BWr&GV7Bv&RVfVVBBFR6rB7FB3S( Рf"&Rf&F6sSccCB"f6BwwrVFvWFV6r6VgFF&#27FB3#RFVâf#"Cs3sRwwrWGv&fV6V3