Clearview South Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 16

DOORS&WINDOWS Patented Weather Proofing Affordable Window Systems is one of the UK.’s largest fabricators of aluminium windows and bifold doors, and has now launched its concealed night ventilation head extension for aluminium windows and bifold doors. The night ventilation head extension has a patent applied for and improves the weatherproofing of the window, as well as dramatically improving the appearance of the window bifold doors. Providing trickle ventilation in standard aluminium frames usually requires an add-on head, which increases the height of the aluminium head frame making it look bulky and spoiling the appearance of the window and property with a visible canopy hood. The head extension can also be specified without night ventilation and, when used with the affordable 7042 aluminium window system, is the most stylish and slimmest window available on the market. Affordable Window Systems operates from three sites in the Blackpool area, with a total factory space of 188,000 sq ft. Affordable has customers throughout the UK including the Shetlands, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and it only supplies the trade. Affordable has the widest range of products including Kommerling, Swish and Smarts, as well as products such as the timber look SLIM SASH PVCu window system which has concealed night ventilation in the head frame. Concealed night vent head in use on a frame. Contact Phil Myers on (01253) 888222 or 0781 781 6663. NEW JANISOL DOOR DELIVERS ALL-ROUND In response to the growing demand for doors with ever larger areas o bv72'&r6vBƖW2BvWfV2b7VF7FVV77FV27V6Ɨ7B66VV66V2G&GV6VBFR6ƖgBB6ƖFRF"F&fFR6WFR67BVffV7FfR6WFf&RvFR&vRbǖW7FW"vFW"6FVB6W'2F2WrF"w2FW&BWFW&76W2FW&vRFvWFW"F7&VFR6vRƗfrVf&VBFRFW6vbFRFW&ǒ7VFVB7FVV&fW2V&W2FRF"FfRVbg&RvGFbǒ2RBVWFr7FRW7BRvFRFWFV7W&VVG2&R6֖&ǒ֖( 2W&WFW"g&SRVc( 2WBFR77FV666FFRFV&R"WfVG&RvVBVG2WFSrF6FVƗfW&rWrfVW22r2r$6ƖgBB6ƖFRF'2&RV7FW&FR'V2b7GƗ6FW2VFW"6fW"F6VBV֖V"7FW727FVVvVFRF"266VBB6VBFR&W'2&R&WG&7FVB6&W76rFR6V2BvrFRF.( 2vVvBF&RF7G&'WFVBWVǒrFRVwFbFRF&W6BV6rvVFW"6VƖrB&VfrFRvVvBg&FR'VrvV"6FRF"6FVW2FW&f&W&fV7FǒV"gFW"V"ࠤf"&Rf&FVֶf&66VV66"f6Cwwr66VV66V`dT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р