Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 84

MOVERS&SHAKERS Resigned to focus on doors Avocet Managing Director Kevin Harvey has resigned from Avocet to dedicate himself to meeting the rapidly growing demand for New Wave’s innovative Slide & Swing door. Kevin is also Managing Director of New Wave Doors. It was an unusual arrangement being MD of two companies in the industry but, once demand for New Wave’s Slide & Swing doors started to take off, doing both jobs was no longer viable. “Even before we set up our network of fabricators,” Kevin explains, “excitement at the possibilities of the radically new door was driving demand. Danny Williams exhibited a New Wave door on Pioneer Trading’s stand at the FIT Show. He was run off his feet and constantly surrounded demonstrating it. Then we took a stand at Grand Designs, and were inundated. Homeowners loved it. I’ve never seen anything like the response.” New Wave Doors has its own dedicated hardware, which is at the heart of its unique capability, and currently it is available in Veka profile. “We will be launching an Aluminium system in eight weeks,” says Kevin, “followed soon after by a new PVC system, both of which share the same hardware. Visit or call 01179 074801 Building On Recent Success Eilidh Hudson has taken up a position as Business Development Manager for one of UK’s largest patio door manufacturer and suppliers. PatioMaster made the appointment due to an increased growth in business. Originally hailing from Glasgow, Eilidh attained her degree in Business Studies and Marketing. As an experienced customer care manager Eilidh’s knowledge of the industry will be invaluable to PatioMaster as it builds on its recent success. Eilidh’s new position sees her travelling countrywide, working closely with the eleven PatioMaster dealers across the UK, from Paignton in the South West to Lanarkshire in Scotland, and two more branches in Ireland. “This is an exciting opportunity for me to be part of a network that is finally getting the recognition it deserves,” said Inherently lazy or badly managed? Eilidh. “From the moment I joined the Epwin Group, I’ve followed PatioMaster’s growing presence in our industry. We’re becoming the most prominent patio brand in both the trade press and online, and my job is to develop a strategy that will allow our sales to continue growing inline with our media presence.” Carmen Velilla, Brand Manager at PatioMaster commented: “We’re happy to welcome Eilidh to the team.” Visit or call 0808 178 3370. Boris Johnson has referred to British workers as ‘sloths’. Well almost. He actually included ‘sloth’ as one of the reasons Britain’s economy is not as thriving as some others, specifically Germany. He also mentioned bad management and underinvestment in human capital, but the bit that sticks in everyone’s mind is the implication that British workers are lazier than those in other EU countries. This isn’t a new theory. In 2012 a group of MPs claimed the same thing, calling British workers ‘idlers’ who prefer a lie-in to actually doing any hard graft. Historical data for the past century does indeed show that Britain overall is less productive than other developed countries in the west, although it did catch up a bit between 2000 and 2010, so maybe things are improving gradually. 84 AUG 2013 To read more, visit