Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 82

MOVERS&SHAKERS NEW REGIONAL EXECUTIVE This week, the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) welcomed Ann-marie Waugh to the Federation as the new Regional Executive for GGF Scotland, the North of England, the North West and North Wales, and Midlands Regions. Ann-marie joins the Federation bringing a wealth of operations experience having worked for many years in the Scottish Parliament and subsequently in the transport industry. A key part of her role will be the effective representation of the GGF at meetings with Scottish Parliament and external agencies in Scotland. On Ann-marie’s appointment Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive commented, “We welcome Ann-marie to the Federation and see her as an integral member of the Regional Management Team. I have no doubt she will bring a fresh energy to the role and help the GGF develop its Membership NEW HEAD OF TECHNICAL SERVICES Mike Hart has been appointed as the new Head of Technical Services at REHAU. He has been a key member of REHAU’s seven strong technical team for ten years and during that time has worked as both a systems and product development engineer. In his new leadership role, Mike will be helping to drive REHAU’s ongoing product development and technical support programmes, ensuring that the company meets and even surpasses the needs of customers. He says: “As their systems supplier, it is important that REHAU continues to anticipate market requirements on behalf of customers and has the products available to help them take advantage of any new opportunities. Equally important though is our role in providing all of the necessary technical support documentation so that customers can comply with all the relevant legislation. “The Technical Services team is a significant resource within REHAU, and one of my key objectives is to ensure that we provide a range of services which have a real value for customers.” Mike will work closely with REHAU’s technical teams in Germany and across Europe, sharing knowledge and experience in areas such as CE marking and energy efficiency. Tel: 01989 762600, Fax: 01989 762701, Web: in Scotland, the North and North West of England, North Wales and in the Midlands.” On her new position, Ann-marie commented, “I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to work in t ́饹͕ѽȸ$ɕ䁱݅ɐѼѥݥѠ5̰ѕѼѡȁɹ́ݽɭݥѠѡѡ䁥Օ̻tȁѡȁɵѥѼܹɜլ() ѕѼɽٕ)Aѕȁȁ́ͅݔɅȁɕЁ I4ѕ)́ݥ䁅хЁɽɥ٥݅ɐȁɽٕЁɽɅѼٔȁѽ́ѡЁ͕ͥ٥]ݥ͠)́ѡٕ䁉Ё́ѕ́Ѽѡ́ɽ'eɔeɽٕٔمՅȁѡѕt)́5䁍ѕ胊q͕ȁ́ѡЁɥ͕́ɥՅɽՍ͕́٥'eѕѼѡѕ%ӊéɕЁѼݽɭݥѠѡЁ͕́ݡЁɕ䁵ѕ́Ѽѡѽȁ$݅ɐѼɽٔɕѥ́́͡ݕ́ɽѠЁȁѽ̻t͕ȁ́ՙɕȁѥȁѥȁݥ̸́Q͔ɥ́ɽՍ́х͕́Ѽѡѥɭи͕䁅ͼɥѕ́չAY ݥ̸́ȁɔɵѥ܀āȁ٥ͥЁܹ͕ȹլ()AѕɅЁ͕ѥȁչAY Ʌɥѽȁ͕ȁ́ݕ܁ѥѼ́ѕ)́5䁩́ѡ%PѵЁݥɥɥ䁵͕éхєѡЁ I4ѕѼѡȁɽٔѡՅ䁽͕٥ȁѽ̸((()U()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((