Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 80

INSTALLERSUPPORT INSTALLERS HAIL PARTNERSHIP A SUCCESS Within a couple of months of the Synseal Registered Installer scheme (SRI) being launched, new members were hailing it a success, with particular praise given to the FairTrades tie-up. New SRI members get a 25% reduction in the standard price of FairTrades membership, which gives installers access to HomePro insurance-backed guarantees (IBGs), Trustmark accreditation, and BM TRADA’s Competent Persons Scheme. Installers have reported that this is worth signing up to the SRI on its own. “I’ve won work thanks to being able to offer a HomePro IBG,” explained managing director of “We are not a large outfit, but this service allows us to compete with the bigger companies with ease. The FairTrades membership certainly wins respect from customers.” Ian Handy at FairTrades explained why the organisation was prepared to offer such a generous discount to companies that bought Synseal’s products. “Fabricators of Synseal and K2 products supply over 3,200 installers in the UK,” he said. “This relationship has opened up new channels of communication for us, and the applications are starting to roll in.” Aylesbury-based Fineglaze Mike Noden, who installs Global conservatory roofs. “They really get the thumbs up when selling to homeowners.” ‘DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE’ Nico undertakes CE-marking testing programme for restricted window products. Nico Manufacturing, leading UK manufacturer of window hardware, has recently undertaken a major testing programme to ensure compliance with CE-mark specifications. This extensive programme, which has been carried out in partnership with key customers, covers all Nico friction hinges and ancillary devices offering restricted operation ¬– the only window hardware products within the current CE-mark scheme. Declarations available Declarations of Performance for all relevant products and systems are available for customers to demonstrate the CE-mark credentials of their hardware. For more on Nico’s CE-marked window products, contact: Tel: (01255) 422333, Fax: (01255) 432909, E-mail: sales@nico., TIME TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH MILLIONS of workers across all industries are risking their long-term health by wearing respiratory masks that are not fit for purpose according to a warning from workplace equipment supplier Slingsby. Common occupational related respiratory problems include asthma, pneumoconiosis and silicosis. Plus growing numbers of asbestos related illnesses are being diagnosed every year and the HSE expects deaths from mesothelioma, which is a common cancer caused by asbestos, to continue rising in the coming years. By law an employer must carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of any hazardous work environments and provide respiratory protection for anyone who is exposed to dust, mist, fumes, vapours, gas or environments where oxygen levels could be higher or lower than normal. Lee Wright, Marketing Director at Slingsby, explains: “There are three main classifications that offer low, medium and high filtering and different categories depending on individual hazards, which can include brick dust, concrete, ferros metal fumes, fibreglass, lead fumes, MDF, mineral fibres, plaster, rockwool, sandstone, silica, welding as well as soft and hard wood. With so much variation it’s vital that both employees and employers doublecheck they’re using the right masks for the job they’re doing.” Call 0800 294 4440 or visit 80 AUG 2013 To read more, visit