Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 8

DOORS&WINDOWS Composite Doors Get a New Face The Door Factory, based in Staffordshire, has developed a brand new concept for composite doors. The external face of the company’s rebated doors can now be clad with a series of aluminium extrusions, which lock together to replicate a traditional door construction. The aluminium facings are available in Golden Oak, Rosewood, Cedar and Walnut woodgrains, which are finished using the Decoral sublimation process. Powder coated RAL colours are also available, but on an extended lead time. Those opting for a RAL finish can also specify the texture of the facings. The doors can be supplied complete in a Veka PVCu outer frame (70 Fully Sculptured or Matrix 70) or just the leaf, enabling fabricators to utilise their normal frame and locking system. Door Factory MD Bob Wakelin said, “Hardware distributor VBH featured one of our doors on their FiT Show stand in April. We geared it with greenteQ satin chrome hinges and furniture, and VBH also supplied a Maco Colonial high lock case door lock, a product for the bespoke, rather than mass market. The unusual lock case position and contemporary look of the door as a whole ensured our door received a lot of attention.’ For The Door Factory contact Bob Wakelin on 01543 575935. Information on greenteQ hardware and Maco door l [H[]˝؋K\[X[[و[H[H܋]H[\\HX܂H܈ \\HY\][ۈ H\X\Y][ܙX\[ܛ[[Y[HH][[H]X]N˙ۛ[KܙˈZH]H\Y[\YۙY\H8']\\]8'H\[][ۈ܈YH[Z[[ٙ\[ۘ[YZ[[ܛX][ۈۈ[\X[[[Y\X[ܜ]\\YHܜ\Y]\Y][[[X\ܜ][X[YX\\وZ[[\\H[\]X\[\ۛ[ۙ\K[ ܈H\[YKHX]H]]]XY[ۙ\[܈܈X\]H][ۜ[ZY[Hۈ[\YHܜ[\Y\Y[X[]\ˈHX]H\Y[\YۙY\HXۛ[H\\H][ݚYHٙ\[ۘ[[[XܜوHZ[[[\H[ۜ[Y\]\Z[]HXX[^\\K[ܛX][ۋۛYKYXH[XX[[ YH[ۜ[Y\\]ܜ[X\[H]H[ۛYY\ܞH[[ZY\]ݚYH]Z[YXX[YXH[^\ZY[HۈHܜXXHوY[X\&HX[\X\ˈ]H[[X]HZ[HوXZ[Z[[[Z\[]X[]H[\Y]H[\KH]H]Z[[Y[X\]\YY]]X[]H\\Y[\و\][H[\Y\\XKHHوۙXݙ\[Y[X\&H[\وܚX[\ ]X[]KZ[[Y]K\[\[Yܚ]H[HX\[\X[H\[]Z[XHۈH]KZY؈\K^X]]HZ\X[وH8'\]X]H\Z\\[X[[H[[H܋]H[\\HXܜ˸'BHUSSTB\\X\H\\[H[H[\HH\ݙY[\H܈[\H][ TH[YHHH\YX][ۈH\\[XܙY]YYX][ۈHZ[X܈][Hو\]Hܜˈ]؝\\ܛX[H[X[YX\[]X[]H[\[XYH[XK\YܝXH[[ۜ]Y\X[H]]\HYHوHYܛ\\ˈ[X[H&SZ[ ]X[]HX[Y\]\\ZY8'\H\HX[HY\Y]\ٞHH\]Z\[Y[YYY܈T[YH\ݘ[[\[Y\YY[[ۜ]H]^H\H[[Y\\[ܙ\]X[YH܈Z\܈[\HX[ x&\H\HX\Y]\\X\H\\[HH\ݙYH\\[HH]\\YX][ۈ[\\[[HZ\\[\˸'H[\[[\[[\YX][ۈXX[\Z[X\]Y\8&\[Z\\[[ۋ]\ۋR[[XH\[x&\X[YX\[\\[Y[Z\XܞH[]X[]H۝Y\\ˈZ[X[ݚYY\X[[][][ۋZ\XZYH\[] LH[X\YX][ۈ܈H\\]H܋\H\[ \\X\XHٙ\H]YܜXܛZ\[[Hو\]\˂[ M L L BH[XZ[]K[Y[\ \\X˘˝ZˈX]N˚\ \\X˘˝Z‚UQ L‚XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘B