Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 78

INSTALLERSUPPORT CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE ‘Best practice’ makes perfect! Network VEKA MD John Ogilvie explains more about how the organisation’s members are working on a best practice basis and attracting increasing amounts of new business thanks to the marketing support on offer… “The basic premise of Network VEKA is very simple; to ensure that consumers are treated with the professionalism they deserve. The organisation was established to let the country’s finest window fabricators and installers prove that they maintained the highest standards and that they offered a level of service above and beyond that of their competitors. “As an organisation, we’re continuously striving to help members to make sure their target market is fully aware of all the benefits of choosing a Network VEKA member. “An analysis of Network VEKA members has demonstrated that those who actively embrace and use more of the marketing opportunities available to them through the organisation, are delivering greater sales growth than ‘passive’ members. In fact they are growing at seven times the rate of those who do not embrace the Network VEKA package. The most proactive members have delivered sales growth in the first five months of adopting additional Network VEKA marketing and some have reported being around 24% up over the same period last year. “For members that are keen to grow their business, Network VEKA will help in every way to make sure they can benefit from the best sales tools in the industry. We know that our members are some of the most highly-trained, trustworthy companies in the country - and we want to help them shout about it! “Shane Howells is one member company that has recently taken on more of the Network VEKA marketing offering and seen how beneficial it can be. “Manager, Dave Williams told us that while they have always carried the Network VEKA message, they only recently added the Steve Davis endorsement to the company’s vans, street billboards, showroom and local press advertising. According to Dave, the reassurance offered by the ‘backing’ of Brand Ambassador Steve Davis is something that customers have really responded to in these difficult economic times. “Shane Howells has also trialled the new suite of Network VEKA web Tools and found them to be particularly successful, with ten enquiries generated in the first two weeks.” Dave explained: “The Network VEKA web tools have been extremely advantageous for us. It’s made a big difference to our business as a whole. Our previous website was quite old, and fairly basic in terms of the feedback we could get. What’s great about the new site and all its enhancements, is the measurability of it: we can actually see how many visitors we’re getting and what they’re interested in.” John continued: “Long-standing members are still finding new ways to promote themselves thanks to Network VEKA. We’ve developed a Marketing Portal where members can log on and personalise professionallydesigned adverts, mailers and more. Because these have already been designed and written (they are just waiting to be personalised) it is far cheaper than starting from scratch. “We’ve also developed an SEO programme so that our trusted, local, independent member companies can compete on a more equal footing with the big names in the industry. “Goliath Homeworld, has always immersed itself in the ethos of Network VEKA - making the most of showroom branding and vehicle livery etc. Now this long-standing company has seen a surge in potential local leads thanks to an SEO programme with a regional focus. “Rugby Double Glazing also makes continuous good use of the Network VEKA branding and support on offer, to both attract and reassure customers.” Director Simon Wade said: “We have thrown ourselves almost entirely into the Network VEKA ethos, and it has certainly paid off, so we try to use all the benefits that we can. From our showroom based on Network VEKA branding to professional brochures and images, customers of Rugby Double Glazing can see immediately that they are in safe hands.” John concludes: “The nature of Network VEKA - in its simplest form - is that we know only the most professional companies can achieve and maintain the standards we demand of our members. This means we can have complete confidence in them and their work. As such, we want to help in every way we can to ma R7W&RVvW'2r&WBFRVƗG6W'f6RBwV&FVW2FW6WV7BvV66rWGv&dTV&W"6( vRfR&WFr6WFf"WfW'7FvRbFR6W2&6W72( РV&&R@wwrWGv&fV6VsTr#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р