Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 77

ENERGYEFFICIENCY Micro firms are suffering from unfair rollover energy contracts The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is concerned with the practice by energy companies of rolling over contracts warning they are damaging small and micro firms. Often small firms are locked into un-negotiated and more expensive terms for a full 12 months. FSB research has found that one in four small firms had been rolled over without their knowledge and an overwhelming 78 per cent of respondents said they would support the abolition of rollovers. This can’t be fair says FSB. Commenting on the FSB response to an Ofgem call The Big Green Comms Deal So, no homes have taken up the Green Deal since its launch five months ago. £3 million was spent on communications... How Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) managed to unlock this marketing budget from the frozen communications coffers, who knows? The point is it’s a lot of cash. Not only this, but it was spent communicating a poorly structured scheme. The communications itself was clearly sub-standard too. What conclusions can be drawn from the Green Deal failure? a) Get your proposition right first. b) Work out what your audience actually wants to hear and tell exceptional stories with lots of facts. c) Don’t waste cash on too much advertising, social media can do a great job if navigated intelligently. Charlotte Webster is head of clean technology at the CC Group PR agency. ‘This can’t be fair’ for evidence on rollover energy contracts, John Allan, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said: “The FSB has found that many small businesses are not aware of the need to renegotiate energy contracts up to three months before they expire, and some of our members have found themselves stuck in an additional 12 months with their provider without the option of finding a better deal elsewhere.” ‘poorly structured’ COMPOSITE PANEL ROOFLIGHT Tried, tested and trusted across the entire roofing industry, Energysaver composite panel rooflights from Brett Martin Daylight Systems have become the first and only choice for specifiers and installers looking for a long lasting and versatile rooflight that offers the best quality natural daylight, hassle free installation, exceptional thermal performance and long life reliability. Energysaver is tailored to match the metal profile and panel dimensions with options to meet higher performance specifications vF&RFSV'2&frGW7G'WW&V6R'&WGB'F2FW6vVBBFWfVVBVW&w6fW"&fƖvG2FFVƗfW"FR&W7BVƗGGW&FƖvBFVWFFRFW&"&V2bvFR7'VFw2G6ǒfVBFRVf7GW&rv&VW6r&WFB&V7&VF6V7F'2vFVVRFW&V'&RFW6RG&R6&fƖvG2fRRfVRbr$vFF22r2r$FW&f&2WV7FVBv7B6vrV6BV77FFVVRfVGW&W2&R6'&FVB27FF&BFr7G&vFf'v&B7FFBV7W&RrFW&vVFW&&ƗG'VFvWB666W2v&BvW&RFRƖfW7b'VFw2BrFW&6fw22WVW&w6fW.( 2&WWFFvV7W&RFR&W7BVƗGFƖvBf"V'2F6Rf"&Rf&FVFƖvD'&WGF'F6"f6Bwwr&BǒWDvVVW&w6fW"࠮( FR&W7BVƗGGW&FƖvN( F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6РTr#0sp