Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 63

HARDWARE&SECURITY The Innovative Window Safety Solution With reports of an increasing number of people, particularly the young and elderly, falling from open windows, Sliplock has been purposely designed by Securefast to significantly reduce the risk of accidents by effectively restricting the degree that a window is allowed to open. Sliplock also offers added security as a deterrent to forced entry or unauthorised access when fitted to doors. Sliplock is the easy to operate safety and security device from Securefast, ideal to be retrofitted to windows and doors both in the home, commercial properties, public buildings and in particular all vulnerable locations such as care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools, universities and hospitals. Sliplock is trademark registered to Securefast and comprises of two heavy duty zinc diecast bases, one mounted on the opening window the other securely fixed to the window frame. Both are linked via a plastic coated heavy duty steel cable. The opening window mount incorporates a solidly fixed baseplate that engages with an easy to operate slide over casing that can be locked or unlocked with a dedicated key. Once engaged, the window opening is restricted by the cable relative to its fixing point on the frame. Sliplock can be simply disengaged with an easy-release, key operated mechanism allowing the window to be opened fully for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Sliplock is British made from UK sourced components, expertly designed and rigorously tested to BS EN 13126-5: 2011 and BS EN 14351-1 : 2006 + A : 2010 by Midlands-based Securefast in Cannock. Securefast has a history of over 110 years for the design, development and distribution of security products for the UK’s homes and businesses, offering consistently high standards of quality with a name for bringing the very latest innovations to the UK market. Sliplock is yet another example of this and one of several innovative products of this to be launched by Securefast this year. Call 01543 501600, email sales@securefast. or visit Safe, Secure & Simple Sliplock™ Cable Restrictor – SBC400/WE Securefast unobtrusive Sliplock™ Cable Restrictor is designed for safety, and to reduce the risk of falling out of a window. It can be fitted to doors to deter forced access from unwanted visitors. The Sliplock™ cable window restrictor is suitable for the home, public properties, and commercial applications. Perfect for buildings such as care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools, universities and hospitals. The Sliplock™ cable window restrictor is ideal for all properties looking to prevent accidents and provide improved safety and additional security for opening windows and doors. Benefits & Features • Sliplock™ is a trade mark of Securefast • Certification to BS EN 13126-5 : 2011 & BS EN 14351-1 : 2006 + A1 : 2010 • Metal cable securely fixed between two robust metal units • Restrictor locks by sliding the detachable unit over a back plate fixed to the window opening. • Frame unit is fixed securely to the frame giving restriction by length of cable and positioning on the frame • Features a dedicated key to release the locking case. • Casing slides off the back plate once unlocked to allow full access to the window when needed for maintenance Sales Hotline: 01543 501600 Sliplock ad.indd 2 19/06/2013 16:46 To read more, visit AUG 2013 63