Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 60

HARDWARE&SECURITY First of its Kind to be Secured By Design Mighton Products has just launched the CableVentlock®, a Secured by Design casement window restrictor that’s part of the same product range that includes the world renowned Angel Ventlock® for sliding sash windows. The CableVentlock® from Mighton is suitable for timber, PVCu and aluminium windows as well as doors and includes casement and tilt and turn designs where security is of prime importance. This product is quick and easy to fit during the manufacturing process or as a retro-fit option once the window is installed and is the first product of its kind to achieve Secured by Design status. Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’. In addition to Secured by Design, CableVentlock® conforms to the appropriate quality standards in the form of BS EN 143511:2006, BS EN 13126-5:2011 and BS EN 1670:1998. The CableVentlock® is key lockable and can be fitted to windows and doors wherever increased security and safety are required. Mike Derham, chairman of Mighton Products comments: ‘The CableVentlock® is easy to install, can contribute to the reduction in crime and is the first product of it’s type to carry Secured by Design.’ Visit, follow @mightonproducts on Twitter or call 0800 056 0471 for your free catalogue. Pull Handle for Inline Sliding Doors Hardware supplier VBH has added the Alpha Patio Pull Handle to its greenteQ range of suited door and window furniture. VBH advise that inline sliding patio doors can now be suited with resi-doors and windows on a whole house installation as the new handle shares the same design traits of the other components of their greenteQ Suite, including the decorative greenteQ groove around the edge of the backplate. The new handle is available in the six standard greenteQ finishes of white, black, PVD Gold, and Polished, Satin and Smokey Chromes. greenteQ Alpha Patio Pull Handle suits the popular Roto and Yale (Paddock) inline patio locks and is available with or without a cylinder hole. Blank outer plates are available. More information can be downloaded from or requested from 01634 263300. COLLABORATIVE EFFORT CREATES FIRST FOR TIMBER FENESTRATION Multi-point locks (MPLs) for French doors are well established on the PVCu side of H[\][ۈ[\K]۝[[ۘ[\YۜܙX]HH\و\Y\܈[X\XX]ܜˈݙ\YH\H\Y\[[]\HXZ[ܙYXYX[H[X\[\][ۋ\\Z[[\X\\Xܘ]Y]X\]HXX[\TK\وܛ\Y\YK][H[܈T \YT H[Y[\\H\و][\[HXYXY]HT \YX][ۋ\Y[ܛ[[\Z[HHوHR\\\HXX[\\Y\و\\K\[^[H[X\[\H[\K]\ۈ[X\[\][ۈ[X\H\[H[\[HXYXYYو\X\] XXH][ۋ\\Y[YYYH[HوY][ۘ[X]\\X [[ܜܘ]Y[H[\X[ݙ\YH\H؛[\[\YTH][H]\[ۋ]][وTH^\Έ8'H\YY\^\\H[TXHܚ\\XYX][ۈ][HXYTXٙ\Y[وHX\]HX]\\]\H\]Z\Y܈T \YX][ۋ'B۝X\\Z[[\X\ۈ ML M H܈THۈ NL L ˙ܛ\Y\YKK˂UQ L‚XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘B