Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 58

HARDWARE&SECURITY Maximum Security Mortice Locks UAP has put the 6 into MAX6MUM SECURITY with the introduction of 6 Lever Mortice Locks to the range of affordable, high quality door security products. The MAX6MUM SECURITY Mortice Locks are available as a Sash Lock or a Dead Lock, both of which are to the BSi Kitemark BS3621 Standard, Secured by Design Approved, and as they are 6 lever they meet the insurance requirements for domestic locks. Offering high security has been the emphasis with the MAX6MUM SECURITY Mortice Locks, they are 6 lever, which gives them Martin Pink to aid the anti-picks. UAP also own the registered design of the key, meaning it has a restricted keyway that cannot be legally copied. For times when a spare key is needed, spare key blanks are kept in stock. UAP MD, David Jennings said: “Security is high on the agenda at the moment and so every effort has been put into making the MAX6MUM SECURITY Mortice Locks more secure than others currently on the market.” greater security against picking, and they have a unique extended warding developed by renowned Locksmiths Chris Belcher and Phone: 0161 796 7268, Email: Sales@, Web: www. The Cheesegrater gets some hardware help Named after its address, 122 Leadenhall Street, this brand new skyscraper is being built right opposite the iconic Lloyd’s of London building. It’s designed by the same architect, Richard Rogers, the man behind the Millennium Dome, or O2 Arena as it is now known. At 225 metres (737 feet) tall, it has 48 floors, accessed by a total of 29 lifts, with 560 windows – all featuring Roto hardware. The windows are inclined inwards at 10 degrees. Since FBeGW&&Gv&R2vVW&ǒFVFVBf"W6R7FF2FB7FBfW'F6ǒ&FVvVW'2fRFW6vVBBVf7GW&VB&W7RvW2W7V6ǒf"F2&V7BBFWf&'BbFVF6FVB&Gv&R7V6f6F&6VBFRRCSC77FV6RbFRvFw27B2WFW&VG'G2f"FRVW&vV76W'f6W2FW6RfW6V66VBvV&&2fGFVBF227FRG&fRv66&R66W76VBg&FRWG6FR'f&R7&Ww2&F2v&VB66VǒvF6G&7F"VF&fFr67VFFB6FR7W'BGW&rFR7FF&6W72FRVFV'VFr2GVRF&R6WFVBBVVBFRGFW"'Bb#BGGwwr&Fg&6РUe$TR2@V"g&FFr^( 2Wg&VRFvFF"6FG2'FfƖ"evFw22&W'FVB6FfRfVVF&6g&VvW'2vfR6VVFR&VVfG2bFR7FBWw&FR6V7W&G6WFFRvVfVB&6VBd7RvFrBF"77FV27WƖW"FFVBRF"BvFr6WF2Wg&VR6F&W6VB7W7FW'2vFFRfW'FW7BF"6V7W&GV&ƖrFVF66W72FV"RvFWBWֶVWrvFFW&ƖfW7GRG&VG2W7Fw&gFԆB&&WF"b"evFw26C( vVWg&VRv2ffW&VBFW2'RF"BvFr6WF2vR6VBVFFVǒ6VRFRGfFvW2f"VvW'22G2fW'6FƗGBfW&ƗGFvWFW"vFG27GƗ6FW6v&W6VFVB6WFFB6VBR66W72FRV6W"B&R6fVVBf"FRvRf֖ǒ( WfW"66RvRfR&V6VfVBǒ6FfRfVVF&6g&7W7FW'2vfR66VWg&VRFRFRG&6Fg&V66FFvFF"66WFfR6VFVBFRg&VVFbBfrFgFW"W2'WB&R'FFǒ7W7FW'2fR&VV77W&VB'FRv6V7W&G&VVfG2Wg&VR&fFW22B'&w2FRV6Rb֖BVvW'2fR6RF766FRvFFRR'&B( Рf""evFw2f6Bwwr&GvFw26Vf"Rf6BwwrVGw26VSTr#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р