Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 57

HARDWARE&SECURITY UK FIRST WITH PROTECT AUTO LOCK Trade fabricator Glazerite is once again leading the field, this time as the first in the UK to offer the revolutionary Maco Protect Auto Lock for its composite doors. Glazerite, which also helped to pioneer the Maco Secure Plus scheme, will offer the key-based version of Maco UK’s Z-TA Comfort lock, which has already earned acclaim elsewhere for its technical excellence and user-friendly operation. Jason Thompson, Glazerite Director said: “This lock is a new approach to providing high security combined with ease of use for the homeowner and is a very advanced solution. We’re very proud to be offering it to our trade customers and we are sure the end-users will see its value. This also means our composite doors will comply with Maco Secure Plus so our installers will have even more USPs to offer homeowners.” The Maco Secure Scheme offers up to £1,000 security excess in the event of a break-in through a Maco-equipped door or window as well as a ten-year 24/7 repair and replace scheme and optional lost key service, secure key holding and alarm response. “Will I be able to open it just a small amount for ventilation?” When you’re trying to up-sell to a client and steer them towards a certain product, the last thing you want is for them to ask if a specific feature, something they’ve previously found useful, is available, only for you have to tell them that no. This can happen with Tilt&Turn windows. Because despite their many advantages, most of the ones currently installed in the UK don’t have a night vent mode. Many customers are used to having this feature on their outward-opening casements. They can have the window held open very slightly, so a small amount of air flows in. The sash is held in place and does not appear to be open. Actually, a night vent mode has been possible on Roto Tilt&Turn systems for many years, but it was an optional extra requiring a special corner drive. For that reason, most fabricators didn’t offer it. Our new Designo II system removes this obstacle, because now you can enable a night vent facility by adding just one extra part – and it can even be retrofitted to an existing window without having to remove or change any components. product-view/detail/roto-nt-designo/-/ Maximise Window Safety UAP Limited, leading supplier of door security products, is now offering its customers safety solutions for windows with the launch of the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents report that each year 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured by falling out of a window, the restrictor provides a simple, affordable and very effective solution to this. The restrictor can be fitted to a window in minutes; it has a 20cm long cable to restrict the opening and can withstand forces over 100kg, so the householder can have the window open without the worry of their children falling out. The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor also complies with fire safety as a key is provided; this means that in cases of emergency the window can be quickly and easily opened fully. David Jennings, MD of UAP Limited, comments; “The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor is a fantastic device and a very simple solution to a very serious problem. We have also taken the step to ensure that it is not only the cable that can withstand forces over 100kg but the device as a whole as well.” Phone: 0161 796 7268, Email:, Web: To read more, visit AUG 2013 57