Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 56

HARDWARE&SECURITY CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE Safe and secure There is a wide selection of security solutions available today for the commercial environment. Here, Martin Smith, Product Manager at IronmongeryDirect, takes us through some of the latest locks available for doors today. Biometrics Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks From fingerprint identification to facial recognition, biometrics is the analysis of biological data. In the 19th century Biometrics were used to help identify criminals, where body measurements, movement and distinguishing marks were used to recognise and narrow the field of suspects. Fingerprinting then began in the late 19th Century and, although this is still used today, technology has seen development in measuring voices and fingers through to irises and faces. Biometrics today would usually be associated with identification such as with the use of biometric technology in airports. Systems can authenticate an individual’s identity, for example, by comparing fingerprint patterns, iris structure or facial features. Through continued research and development the use of Biometrics is becoming more common place in practical applications. The ability to use biometrics in a commercial office environment has paved the way for fingerprint technology door locks to create a highly secure solution to keep internal and external doors protected from unauthorised entry. Stocked by IronmongeryDirect, Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks enables unique access for individuals making it a useful application for commercial environments. The Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock system relies on state of the art fingerprint recognition to gain entry to a room, ensuring a high level of security. This modern technology creates a digital code of the fingerprint making it quicker and more accurate when using the lock. Raising the sliding cover activates the unit whilst protecting the fingerprint reader from dust and moisture. It locks automatically on closing and a panic exit function allows the door to be unlocked from the inside at all times in case of emergency. It is easy to install and also fits most traditional wooden doors. With a capacity of 78 individual fingerprints it is ideal for high traffic commercial premises as there are no codes to remember. Users can be added or deleted individually. Powered by batteries located in the lock these provide 15,000 cycles with a low battery alert feature of 100 entries in advance. Also being a standalone unit there is no need for wiring or external computer programming. There is also the option that the lock can be operated by fingerprint, PIN and key providing a flexible solution for an office environment. Code Operated Locks By including a holdback function this lock is ideal for areas that require the door to be left unlocked for periods as required. It offers a flexible solution as it is reversible for left or right hand applications and has over 8,000 code options. This may be a lower security option than electronic locks but it makes them ideal for smaller businesses or premises looking for the convenience and security of access control on a smaller budget. KitLock Electronic Cupboard Locks Designed as a cost effective option, this is easy and quick to retrofit for doors fitted with a conventional cam lock. They are ideal for use on lockers, individual cupboards and key cabinets in hospitals, leisure centres, nurseries and schools. The locks are easily programmed from the keypad allowing for a four digit user code with 10,000 possible combinations. Programmable functions include single use locker modes and repeat mode where the same code is used continually. Considering the detail Code operated locks provide high performing security for a range of sectors from residential to leisure through to commercial or care homes. The Rim Combi, for example, is ideal for the family home, care homes or for rented properties. It can be fitted to new or existing locks making it ideal for new build or refurbishment. With the ability to store up to 50 different codes at a time it is easy to see how this has become a best seller at IronmongeryDirect. While, the Briton Satin Chrome Codelock is a light duty codelock suitable for low traffic interior office doors and storerooms. With the vast selection of locks available today it is important to consider every detail when choosing architectural ironmongery to provide a secure solution. Ultimately look for suppliers who stock the best range of products, offer product guarantees, and have staff trained to GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers) standards. IronmongeryDirect stocks over 14,000 products kept in stock ready for delivery next day as standard. 56 AUG 2013 To read more, visit