Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 44

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS Proposed New Security Standard for Communication Transmittance Rate A proposed new ASTM International standard will be helpful in selecting glass or glazing that has a proper communication transmittance rate for the location in which it is being used. Julia Schimmelpenningh, global architectural applications manager, Eastman Chemical Co., and an F12 member, explains that information can move through glass or glazing with varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on the electromagnetic transmittance level of the glass or glazing. In some cases, a high transmittance rate is desired. In other scenarios, in which sensitive personal information is housed, a low transmittance rating is preferable. “It has been determined that there is a significant need and desire to create a standardized methodology for acquiring an electromagnetic interference rating for glazing so that components of the glazing system could be selected based on a level and accepted playing field,” says Schimmelpenningh. The proposed standard will provide a test method by which lites or glazings can be evaluated for their transmittance on, or shielding capability to, electromagnetic frequencies. Use of the test method will generate data for glazing infill that can be used by consumers, designers and system manufacturers to understand the capability and contribution of glazing materials to EMI security systems. “We anticipate that once it has been approved, the proposed standard will be used as a mechanism to aid in the selection of glazing infill materials for the production of windows, doors, skylights, cars, planes, boats and more,” says Schimmelpenningh. Visit or follow @ASTMSafety on Twitter. TRIPLE GOES ON GROWING Glazerite installers are defying the doommongers and proving that triple glazing is not just a fad nor a phase but a real boost for business as well as a welcome benefit for consumers. It is also emerging that the bonus of extra sound insulation is proving a major part of the buying decision – in some cases a bigger factor than the more obvious heat retention. Mark Pearce, MD of Andover-based KJM Group, says he has not looked back since he first put triple glazing into his own home when he bought it two years ag o. “Nearly 20% of all our window sales are triple glazed,” said Mark, “It’s a niche product that can be sold for a premium. In my own home, it has noticeably improved the sound insulation as well as giving me a warmer house and our customers say just the same.” KJM opted for the high-spec 44mm system from Glazerite on VEKA profile because he says consumers are buying on the strength of the U Values that can be achieved. Glazerite Director Jason Thompson concluded, “We have always supported our customers in promoting triple glazing and now we see that decision is paying off.” Quality partnership for two likeminded companies When you manufacture one of the most authentic uPVC vertical sliding sash windows on the market today, every product you produce needs to be of the highest quality. It’s only fitting then that leading sash window fabricator Roseview Windows chose the UK’s biggest independent sealed unit manufacturer Glass Systems as its sealed unit supplier. “We used to manufacture our own sealed units in-house but found it was easier and more cost-effective sourcing them from Glass Systems,” explains managing director Willie Kerr. “Glass Systems offer three weekly deliveries; fitting in perfectly with our manufacturing schedule, and meaning we don’t have to hold too much glass in stock. It offers the competitive trade prices you would expect from a company that produces 35,000 units plus per week and the product quality is consistently high; a factor I suspect that’s down to the massive investments they have made in recent years.” Glass Systems offer a wide range of glass types including soft coat, toughened, laminated, obscure and decorative. The company has invested £millions in new manufacturing equipment in recent years, enabling them to enhance quality and efficiencies throughout the factory and improve the energy efficiency of their products. For more information call 01792 773752 or 44 AUG 2013 To read more, visit