Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 40

HERITAGE A winning combination Deceuninck and Kommerling trade fabricator Dekko Windows has had a ‘fantastic’ response to its latest product, the Residence 9 Window. The Residence 9 window system replicates the look of 19th Century flush sash timber windows and combines beautiful looks with superb thermal and acoustic performance. The window uses traditional methods of mechanically jointing to give a period look suitable for conservation areas with a long, maintenance-free life. Dekko started fabricating Residence 9 windows in October 2012 and only uses SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars in its sealed units. The company insists on SWISSPACER because it gives excellent thermal performance and complements the overall look of the window. Kurt Greatrex, Dekko Windows Sales Director says: “We use SWISSPACER for all our A rated windows so it was the obvious choice for the Residence 9 windows. SWISSPACER helps achieve the best energy ratings and it has an attractive semi-matt finish, which gives a subtle effect inside the windows. “Response to Residence 9 has been fantastic! It’s a high end product that helps us tap into a different market and we’ve been approached by a number of new customers, among them timber window fabricators.” For Dekko Windows, call 0161 406 0055 or visit For SWISSPACER, visit www.swisspacer. com/en or call 0845 601 1265. Grade 2 approved When joinery specialist Camden Boxframe was awarded the task by Camden Council via an architect of fitting new double glazed sashes and frames into a Grade 2 listed property, they were only too aware of the pitfalls that such a project can involve, having built strong relationships with Camden Council directly, as well as building contractors, housing associations and private customers over their 17 years of trading. The company’s challenge was to ensure the installation of new double glazed, energy efficient windows would be in keeping with the rest of the building and the surrounding area, so the sashes and frames had to perfectly match the original windows. They achieved this with the aid of Super Spacer in white from Edgetech, a Quanex company, and the installation ́ѡЁ́Ѽɽمɽ չ ٥MɽՐ5ɕѽȁ Ʌ ٥é51ѐ胊qɅȁѕɽѥ́ɔѽɥ́ȁѡȁɥЁɕեɕ́ѕɵ́ݥѠѡɥѡեͼЁ́ɕЁѡЁѡɔ́Սѥٔ݅ɴȁѥݡ͕ȁɽ́ѡ́ɔtܹѕլ$$ܹɅլ()Mݥэ͠M͠M) Ս͡ɔ͕хȁ ɝͽѽɔ܁ͽɍѡȁ͠͠ͅIͥݥ́ɽɅɥѽȁ٥ɥ䁉՝Ёɽѡȁȸ ɝͽѽéɕѽȁ) ɝͽ́ѕݥѠѡՅ䁅͕٥ͥݥэѼ́ѼхЁɕ͡H䁅́ѕɹѥٔѼѥȁѼѡȁѽȁ͔qٕ́ѡԁձ݅Ёȁѡ́ѼѡȁЁݗeɔɕ䁝ɥѼɽ܁ѡHͥȁͥϊt)̸qQH䁥́ɕݕȁхѡȁɅ́ٔѡͅѠ́ѡѼٔɔѡѥݡ́Ёͽѡٕȁ̃Lѡ䁅ͼȁፕЁѕЁɔ݅́ѼݥѠՕɥ̻té́ͅɕѽȁ-Ёɕɕ͕́ѡЁ ɝͽѽɔ她Ս́ݥѠH胊q ɝͽѽٕ́䁱х͡хȁ'eѕѡe͕ٔ́ѡȁHȸ́ͽ́չHѡݕɔѡЁх́ѼɐtȁɔɵѥхЁ((()U()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((0