Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 34

INDUSTRYNEWS Investing Heavily Senior Architectural Systems is well known in the UK as a leading window systems provider of aluminium and ‘Hybrid’ systems for commercial and residential use. Senior’s is also known for providing a wide range of glazing solutions through their glazing division, Senior Glass Systems, based in Scarborough. Acquired in October 2009, the facility provides Senior’s with a 4,000 sq.m. glass processing division, which supports Senior’s growing fabricator base across the UK. The result is a systems company that fully understands the needs of the fenestration industry and the industry challenges that lie ahead. Steve Wightman has overseen many changes in the business since its acquisition and comments, “Glazing turnover has steadily grown over the last few years both with our systems customers and local trade supply. In order to keep up with the growing demand, and provide products and service our customers have become accustomed to, we are investing heavily in new plant and machinery.” The company has recently invested in two new Mercedes delivery vehicles, two new automated cutting tables and a new toughening furnace. Further plant and machinery is currently on order. Private housing starts rise for second month in a row The total value of project starts in the UK construction industry saw a 1.6% year-onyear rise for the three months to June, according to the latest figures from industry experts Glenigan. The gains in this month’s Glenigan Index, a key indicator of activity in the construction industry, were largely driven by rising activity in the private housing and civil engineering sec F'27BF( 2FW6vVBfb"RWr'VFr&V7B7F'G2FRF&VRF2F'WBFW&Rv2rRV"זV"&6R6FR7F'G2FR&fFRW6r6V7F"vRFRF&VRF2FVR6r"2RV&fFRW6r7F'G26&VBFFR6RW&B#"g&7G'V7GW&R7F'G2VRvW&R6'F7V&ǒ7G&rV&W"b&vR&B&V7G26V6VBW6r7F'G2FR6V7F"CbR&fRFRWfV6VVFRF&VRF2FVRb7BV"WFƗFW27F'G26&VVB7G&rGW&rFRW&B6vr#BRV"זV"7&V6R'WBFRFWv2VvFfVǒ7FVB'f7F'G2GW7G&VFBVGV6F&V7G2( vRfR6VVv2g&6R6V7F'2VR'WBvR&R7F&V6&Fr6vf6BvVW72GW7G&VFBVGV6F7F'G2( vVvV6֗7BG&Wrvff6Bࠥ7F&V6&Fr6vf6BvVW7>( ( ĖGW7G&7F'G2fRFV6ƖVBWfW'FbF2V"BW"FW7BFFFR6RbFV6ƖR6VBWvF7F'G2FvSR( РUEDrTDtPFRVtgVG&6rvbFv26WFR6VWBBWBv&fVBVvR7V66W72&FGW&rFRFBvFFRWfVrWfVBVrF&6R *3Ã#SFR&6W72VBBFR&fVFVf&BFVBvb&W6'B#FVR#2FV2&VVfGFVBg&&WGFW"vVFW"gFW"FR#"WfVBv2V&ǒ66VVBGVRFVg7F&2FRfW&vW'2vW&R6V7v֖r2"G2W7BVFvrWBffW"t"6VB&6vF&2w&WBFV"VV2vFG2V&W7BFRv2v'F'"bFVvFr77FV2v( 6&R7vr2vbGF&Rf"ǖ7&2R2FRRcbFVf"FV"W26VvR7&72FR&VG2b&WFRcb6WFV&W"v''F6&btgVG&6r6VFVC( &rFRFF6RffVBvBv26VWBF'WBrvRW7Bf7W2Rcbv6vRWV7BFVW2F7W'727&VF&R *3Ɩ&6VB'tgVG&6r( FFW"&BvFwwrW7Fvfr6FVֆScbvW&RR676"FRFV"RFfGVf"gW'FW"f&Ff6BwwrvgVG&6r6V"FBFFV"GvGFW"Bf6V&fvrvgVG&6rࠣ3@Tr#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р