Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 33

INDUSTRYNEWS On the Case To aid and inspire specifiers during the design process, Senior has launched a portfolio of sixteen diverse case studies of projects recently completed in the UK. Projects range from the Grand Pier at Weston-superMare to the stunning Marks & Spencer flagship Eco Store at Ellesmere Port. Many of the projects have achieved a BREAAM rating and use a significant amount of glazing, proving that when correctly designed, in conjunction with high thermal efficiency doors, windows and curtain wall framing, glazing actually contributes to sustainability. Designers can specify either high performance aluminium or the groundbreaking aluminium timber composite system, ‘Hybrid’. Both profiles are available in a wide range of systems from Senior to accommodate any design requirements. To ensure optimised use of high performance glazing coupled with aluminium or ‘Hybrid’ profiles, it is important to seek advice at the early concept design stages to ensure both insulation and solar gain characteristics of the design are positive for the buildings useful life and contribute towards a sustainable high BREAAM result. Senior provides dedicated specialists to advise on selecting the best products to suit any project requirements. PDF copies can be downloaded LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE Ray Hill, director of Synseal fabricator and installer Polar NE, recently built his dream home in a picturesque village in Teeside, using all the latest building components and techniques available to him, including Legend PVC-U windows from Synseal. “After a lifetime of buying and renovating second-hand properties, and not getting what we really wanted, we decided to design and build our own home when the opportunity presented itself,” Ray explained. “One of our main objectives was to build it to the best possible standard.” To this end, Ray followed the mantra ‘seal tight and ventilate right’, which required the careful selection of building materials, since “many traditional building methods are not typically airtight,” he explained. Once insulated and airtight, the house was efficiently ventilated using a heat recovery system, which made the house the most efficient building in the area according to the local council. Polar NE started life making domestic PVC-U windows, before moving into the commercial aluminium sector. However, Synseal windows still account for about 20% of the business and Ray was keen to choose Legend windows foiled in Golden Oak for his own property. 20 years of protecting consumers and installers The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) is celebrating twenty years of helping installers and consumers in the glass and glazing industry. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) The CPA provides Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs) and deposit protection to installers carrying out home improvements. Recognised by consumers as one of the most trusted resources for finding accredited and vetted installers, the CPA also offer its members a host of beneficial schemes such as marketing support; training seminars; sales presentation advice and quarterly assessment reports. In its twenty years in business, the CPA has seen off two recessions and helped thousands of installers grow their business, both in the boom and slump times. Managing Director of the organisation Jeremy Brett says, “The industry has professionalised immensely and we’ve played an influential role in making this happen. The vast numbers of installers are industrious, innovative and determined to offer the very best in service.” The CPA equip installers with Insurance Backed Guarantees, promotional literature, finance and insurance, deposit protection and training and reports to help them stand out when they present themselves to potential customers. For more information call The Consumer Protection Association on: 01462 850062 To read more, visit AUG 2013 33