Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 32

INDUSTRYNEWS “LinkedIn” for buildings gets £3.5m funding boost GOING GREY TO MATCH ALUMINIUM IN TOWER BLOCK REFURB A multi-million refurbishment of two old inner-city tower blocks was made easier and more cost-effective by a five-day turnaround on each of more than 900 bespoke windows, thanks to fabricator Glazerite Windows and installer Grosvenor. The special grey on white PVC-U tilt/turns were chosen to match visually the aluminium frames on neighbouring blocks but the whole project was based on a deadline of two flats completed per day so a great deal depended on consistency of supply. The Princess and Empress Towers were part of the former Seven Sisters estate built in the sixties in Manchester’s Old Trafford district as part of a slum clearance project in the city. Now, with several of the original towers demolished, the remaining ones are finding new life, partly thanks to Government support for the energy-saving improvements. Jason Thompson, Director of Glazerite Windows said both the grey exterior and the rapid turnaround were essential to the contract. Glazerite, with bases in Northamptonshire, Avon and Lancashire is the UK’s biggest VEKA fabricator and found VEKA’s Matrix 70 grey (RAL 7016) on white ideal for the job. Visit TECHNICAL TALENT While many people in the glazing industry know the front end Kömmerling sales team of Kevin Warner, Dave Reay, John England and Gareth Parton, few people know of the considerable technical expertise that supports their efforts. A “LinkedIn” style social network for buildings has been given a £3.55m funding injection as it accelerates expansion plans in the UK. US based Honest Buildings has secured finance from investors Westly Group and RockPort Capital. The web-based service contains a database of buildings and encourages contractors to bid for refurbishment and maintenance work directly with owners via its HB Match service. ‘£3.55m funding’ Honest Buildings launched its UK operation earlier this year and has established an office at the Open Data Institute in London’s Tech City. Nick Katz, UK Head of Market Development for Honest Buildings, said: “With this financing, we are looking to grow our team, specifically for data science, regulatory and policy research, and business development in order to aggregate and share the most information on buildings and projects, helping more decision makers find the best solutions for their property portfolios.” John Berry and Keith Vast have over 23 years combined experience working for the profine Group including the KBE and Kömmerling brands, in all aspects of technical services, production and product design. John Berry’s role is more hands on in terms of customer support and his role is heavily involved in tooling surveys and design, window testing, certification, site visits and more recently the introduction of CE Marking. Keith Vast is further involved in product design and is the man responsible for the design of the latest O70 and C70 Gold window and door system. His role also includes the production of CAD drawings for fabricators, installers and specifiers and liaison with all the leading European hardware companies. More recently Keith and John have been involved in the development of the AluStar externally clad aluminium products for the C70 and O70 Gold systems, which will be an important addition to the Kömmerling commercial market offering. Call 01543 444900, e-mail, visit or follow @kommerlinguk on Twitter. To visit the UK site: http:// explore/?country=GB Source: 32 AUG 2013 To read more, visit