Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 28

INDUSTRYNEWS CELEBRATING BIGGEST EVER GRAND SLAM awards. They also accounted for all three of the finalist positions in one of the regions and two of the three in two others. Glazerite Windows Director Jason Thompson said after the ceremony: “They all performed superbly well; we are very proud of them – and proud of our own support that has helped them to get where they are. COMMITTED TO IRISH MARKET REHAU staged two seminars in Dublin and Cork recently as it took to the road to reaffirm its commitment to the Irish market. The company, which is the leading systems brand in Ireland, hosted seminars to showcase both its 60mm and 70mm product ranges and to give fabricators and installers useful, practical advice on both WERs and CE Marking. More than 30 fabricators and installers attended the event in Dublin, with a mix of existing and potential customers coming along to meet with REHAU’s sales, product development and technical services teams. At Cork, there were 25 existing and potential customers, all of whom took the opportunity to ‘We are very proud’’ Glazerite installers are celebrating scooping more awards and trophies at this year’s prestigious Network VEKA awards. They not only took ten of the 30 Regional Award finalist slots and four out of the ten Regional Trophies in the prestigious annual awards but also accounted for three of only seven members to be enrolled in this year’s coveted 100% Club and one of only two winners in the organisation’s newlyestablished brand promotion “When we agreed to sponsor the pre-dinner champagne at the event, we never realised we would have so much to celebrate.” And he added: “Network VEKA sets high standards – not only at the awards but in its members’ everyday work – so every one of the winners deserves congratulation and we were happy for them all to have a drink on us.” Visit see demonstrations of the new REHAU CE Marking tool on the website at www.rehauanswers. com ahead of the deadline for CE marking on 1st July. Among the customers attending in Cork was long established trade fabricator Jim O’Mahoney of Kratos Windows who said: “The seminar was a great opportunity to see some of the new REHAU products which I hadn’t seen before and to meet some new faces. It was Ѽ͕I!Tͽѡ܁%ɕЁ݅́х䁄ݽѡݡٕѵЁéѥtQ$İ$]ܹɕԹլ()9Ёͼոѡхѥ)9́ѕȁѡЁݼ́ɔѡͅѡ]͕ Ḿ̰ѡݕɔɕѱ䁅ͭѼхѥɅѡȁչՅɽ䃊LݥQ!ѽȁ݅́ͭѼ䁅х́܁ݥ́ѡѥɽ䰁ݡ́ѕѼݥѕȁѡѽȁͽɍѡхȁ٥ѡ]ݕͥїéɕՉ饕̸ɕѽȁM 胊qQ݅́Ѽɕٔѡѥݥ́ɕѡݥѠՉ镐AY Tѕɹѥٕ̰ݕٕȁՔѼѡ屔ѡɽ䰁ѡݹ́ѼЁɵͥɽѡȁѡɥѼɕѡݥ̸qѕȁɥɕՕѥյմݥ̰Ѡѡݹ́ѡݕɔɔѡɕ͕ݥѠѡͅѡ!͔ݥܰݥѠɕѕɕ͠ѡЁݔٔѡѡյ́ȁѡхѥq%ѥյ́͡ͅݕɔ͕Ѽٔѡ܁ݥ́ѡɕѥɅѥȁݥ̻tQݥ́ٔхѡɽ䰁ѡݹ́ݕɔͼɕ͕ѡЁѡ䁡ٔͭ ḾѼɕѡȁéɕݥ̸()!Ȁİ$ܹݡ͡((()U()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((