Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 26

INDUSTRYNEWS Ombudsman schemes are ‘gold standard’ Previewed at the FIT Show, a new, third edition of the Consumer Protection Report has now officially been published. Originally released in 2011, the Report proves that consumer protection is diversifying all the time, with a flurry of new initiatives launched since the last edition. Commissioned by DGCOS, this independent Report includes important updates to aid both consumer and installer understanding. Author David Herman, FCA, who has many years’ experience working at senior management level within a national double glazing company, comments: “There are a surprisingly large number of organisations in the industry that claim, in some form, to provide consumer protection. But the very number, scope and diversity is part of the problem for homeowners. In particular, a new table will help homeowners see through ‘the smoke and mirrors’ and help them understand what actual protection is being provided by each organisation.” In his foreword, consumer champion and DGCOS ambassador Nick Ross challenges anyone to contest ‘the essential truth’ of the Report’s findings, adding that “Ombudsman schemes are the gold standard of consumer protection.” For more information go to www., or to receive your copy of the Consumer Protection Report contact DGCOS on 0845 053 8975. CE Marking - Don’t get caught with your trousers down With CE Marking legislation now in force, Phoenix Door Panels warns many installers could be unprepared and fall foul of the law if they fail to check that their doors meet the latest European regulations. Under the mandatory CE Marking requirement, Trading Standards officers can insist that any installed products that are not CE marked are removed and replaced. Installers who ignore this can be fined, with repeat or serious offenders facing fines up to £5,000 or even three months imprisonment and to be forced to cease trading. Haydon Statham, National Sales Manager at Phoenix Door Panels, a division of Masco UK Window Group Ltd, says: “The legislation brings into question the smaller fabricator who’s making 10 to a dozen doors a week; is he really going to bother to spend the time to get CE marking on his composite doors? So the message has to be ‘Don’t get caught with your trousers down!’ Ensure you comply with the law by buying your composite and panel doors from a bona fide manufacturer.” All Phoenix Door Panels’ products already carry the all-important CE Marking and the company has notified all its customers that the necessary accreditations are in place. Call 01487 740469, email or visit the website at www. Record sales as window installers use finance to sell Window installers offering soft sell credit finance to help customers buy have contributed to record sales at Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS). Installers such as Pennine Windows, Conservatory Outlet and Dunraven are reporting increased sales as homeowners look to improve their properties without dipping in to cash reserves, or borrowing from uncooperative traditional lenders such as banks and building societies. Point-of-sale credit means consu ́ٔܰɝ䁕Ёݥ̰ȁ܁͕مѽ䰁ݥѡЁ䁽ȁɽͥAѹȰɕ胊q]eɔхɝЁѼɽٔɽչ ̰́ɕ͔Ѓ Ȱ͕ɕɐ啅ȸqɽչȁͥ́́ɽѡݥ܁͕مѽ䁵ɭиQɔ́ѥɭЁȁՅ䁡ɽٕ́ݡѡݹȁ́́Ѽ͕ͥIх́ɔӊéͥѼѡȁѽ́ݡЁѡ݅аݡѡ݅ЁлtQЁ܁ Lȁͥ́ɽ܁Ѽܹɕͽѥ͝ɽլ()ͥ锁ȁՅ丁́ͅЁ LɕЁѡ́ɕ͡ݥѥս́ɽɕ́ѡ啅ȁѼє%5䁅)չ Ĺɽ٥ɽչ ā䰁ɕɐɕ́ȁѡ丁] L5((()U()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((0