Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 19

DOORS&WINDOWS Modern benefits for period doors The modern doors and windows you supply give your customers levels of security, insulation and convenience that were very rare a generation or so ago. Out of date No need to compromise Ironically, modern doors and windows can make units fitted in older more expensive and prestigious homes seem hopelessly out of date. Of course, there are some period buildings with doors and windows that are made from modern materials, and which replicate the look of the original period designs. Not as old as it looks Britain’s most famous heritage front door was a timber original until the early 1990s. But it’s now made of a high grade, blast resistant metal. Interestingly, there are actually two identical 10 Downing Street doors: they are routinely swapped over for maintenance purposes. (At this point, you’re probably thinking, “If only every customer asked for two identical front doors...”) Some key requirements A feature of this new Roto lock is that it enables the cylinder to be placed in this higher position. That provides a familiar continuity for the user, and means there will be no problem with meeting planning requirements such as conservation area regulations, or even listed building status. Externally, the door does not require a handle: the entire locking operation is via the key. Two turns are all it needs to fully lock the door. There is an option of a latch retaining snib, which means the homeowner can go in and out without risk of the door latching shut and locking them out. Useful for when bringing a number of items in or out of the house, for example. A powerful hook When you’re asked to provide a door that’s slightly out of the ordinary, hardware is often a stumbling block. How many times have you thought you’d found the ideal piece of hardware for a project, and then realised there’s one niggling little detail - one thing it can’t do - which means you either can’t progress, or have to compromise and give the customer something slightly different from what they expected? New thinking for older doors Each lock comes with two hooks as standard. On taller doors, you can easily add more by connecting the extensions that are available as part of the Heritage Lock package (it covers doors up to 3 metres tall). The hooks themselves are made from hardened steel and are of the same design as those used on other Roto door locks - ones that have enabled doors to meet standards such as PAS 24, the Dutch SKG manual attack procedure and the latest EN standards. Wind, rain and noise - all shut out Scan the code to visit the Roto Blog... Precision for a lifetime Eliminating these problems has been one of the main considerations for the Roto Door team in Kalsdorf, Austria when they set about designing our new Heritage Door Lock. It’s a product that enables you to replicate the look and function of an original period door, regardless of material. At the same time, it means you can offer end users the same levels of security, weather-sealing and durability p ɽ٥䁽ѡȁIѼȁ̸5䁙ɽЁ́ɥхե́eЁٔ%ѕЁ9յȀѡ䁡ٔͽȁѕɅ屽ѕQ塽́ѕͥѥЁ唵ٕɽչݼѡɑ́ѡ݅ѡȸ()Q́ɕeЁЁѡɔѼɕͥЁɕѕѡ䁅ͼ䁄ЁɕͥѡͭЁ͕%չѥݥѠѡхɥȁ̰ѡ䁕ѡѥմٕݕѡȵ͕ѼٕQɗéѡȁمхѼѡݡԁ܁׊eɔݥ݅ѕȁаԁɔ׊eɔ͔ͥЁѽQɅЁ́ѡɽ܁́ݥѠɑѤͅ܁́եЁ́хɐѡȃad͕Ёȁѡѕȸ) ɽͥɕͥх()%ͥѡɕͥ́ɽѕɥ́Ս́ͥѕɕѕѕѕȁմ危́ѡ́́ѥɕɅѥ%ЁͻeЁѕȁȁӊéȁ́ɥݕɕ͕ٕѥȁȁٕɱ䁑͝ե͕ɸͥєeԁ܁ɽ٥ѡݥѠѡЁٕ́ѡ́役ѡѡЁձٔѡ՝Ёݡѡȁɥ݅́ɥ䁉եиQIѼ!ɥхȁ1́مܸYͥЁ輽йɽѼɅ͕٥ɽѼɥѽ̼ȁх̸() Ѡѡѕͥѕ́ɔɽɅѕѕݥѠIѽM9ձɄ͵Ѡə͠ѡЁ́ɑ݅ɔѼЁѡɽͥɽѕѥɕեɕ́8Ʌи()IѼ]͡ M()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ()U((((