Clearview South August 2013 - Issue 141 - Page 14

DOORS&WINDOWS Is a key really needed? VBH say ‘not with the Protect Z-TA lock range’. Hardware supplier VBH has added the automatic locking Maco Z-TA multi-point door lock to its range of keyless door locking solutions. Suitable for all Eurogroove doors, Z-TA features 3 locking latches, 2 hooks and a central deadbolt. When the door is closed all 3 latches pull the sash in against the frame, providing compression over the full door height. A magnet in the latchplate then triggers the locking mechanism to engage the deadbolt and hooks. A single turn of the cylinder now renders the door fully secure, making Z-TA ideal for the elderly or infirm. If no lever is fixed to the outside, it is not necessary to turn the key to deadlock the door, although VBH point out that it will still be required to gain entry. VBH marketing manager Gary Gleeson says ‘Whether the innovation makes our customer’s product more ‘exclusive’ or, more tangibly, better in use, it differentiates them from their competitors, thus allowing them to sell on features rather than price. Maco Z-TA scores well on both counts and impresses everyone we’ve shown it to.’ More on Maco Z-TA locks can be downloaded from or requested from 01634 263300. BUSINESS PEAK Newcastle-based Pennine Home Improvements has joined the Conservatory Outlet Network of Dealers to become the one and only dealer for the North East region. Pennine has assumed exclusivity as a Conservatory Outlet Dealer in Newcastle, Darlington, Durham, Sunderland and Cleveland - an area with a population of more than 2.6 million people, which neighbours existing Conservatory Outlet Dealers: Orion Windows in Pennine Home Improvements boasts a half million pound show site in the North Tyneside district of Longbenton, numerous satellite branches, a 14-strong sales force and 18 fitting teams. The partnership was marked by a presentation day for the sales team of Pennine Home Improvements, which was co-hosted, rather fittingly, by Geordie and industry specific sales trainer Paul Clifton. “We do a lot of research in the regions that do not have a Conservatory Outlet Dealer, striving to find the best installer in each location, but this groundwork wasn’t necessary in the North East,” said Conservatory Outlet sales director, Greg Kane. “Pennine Home Improvements’ reputation precedes itself and this partnership is considered as a huge coup for Conservatory Outlet.” Tel: 01924 239813 or visit: North Yorkshire; Kendal-based Planet South Lakes; and Mitchell Glass on the Scottish Borders. AT THE DOUBLE Apeer doors is gearing up to double capacity at its Northern Ireland manufacturing base to meet a boom in orders. The increase follows the company’s hugely successful launch of its latest Diamond Doors and all-new Apeer MODO collections, both supported with new brochures and a stand at the FIT show in April. Said Apeer md Asa McGillian: “Our new contemporary door ranges have been extremely well received. The new designs, along with our reputation for a total quality product have combined to produce a significant surge in orders.” Apeer plans to recruit a further 30 to 40 new staff over the next six months to support the doubling of its production capacity. These will include a new production manager, supervisors, factory floor workers and a new UK sales rep. Said Asa: “From an employment perspective it represents a significant investment for us, but the increased level of business coming in to the factory means we need to staff up to meet the demand. We are also embarking on a major training programme over the next six months with the aim of upskilling our existing employees.” Tel: 028 2563 2200, Fax: 028 2565 9334, email:, 14 AUG 2013 To read more, visit