Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 84

glass&sealedunits SGG UNVEILS STADIP SKN Saint-Gobain Glass has brought together the acclaimed high performance solar control properties of Cool-lite SKN with the acoustic and safety features of its Stadip range to offer COOL-LITE STADIP SKN 165 and 174. The new additional benefits bring optimised sound insulation, safety and security benefits as well as reducing both solar gain and UV penetration to the commercial market, said Adrian Adams, Market Manager for Better Working at Saint-Gobain Glass: “With COOL-LITE STADIP SKN 165 and 174 architects and specifiers can have the best of both in a single product, opening up potential for a whole range of additional applications.” The acoustic benefits of COOL-LITE STADIP SKN 165 and 174, used in conjunction with Stadip Silence, come from the use of two panes of glass with a PVB interlayer. Alternatively, in conjunction with Stadip Protect, they can achieve P1A and P2A security accreditation for BS EN 356. By reducing solar gain, the products minimise the need for air conditioning, so helping to cut energy use and CO2 emissions and limit the need for secondary solar barriers such as louvres or blinds. SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS CREATE STUNNING EFFECTS BY LAUNCHING SGG SATINOVO MATT prints as with traditional acid etched and sand-blasted glass reducing the maintenance required. It can be cut and edge-worked as easily as clear float and assembled into double-glazed units. SGG SATINOVO MATT can be used in numerous interior design applications for both residential and commercial settings including furniture, wall cladding, doors and partitions. SGG SATINOVO MATT is available in a range of thicknesses including 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 19mm. Yorkshire-based Saint-Gobain Glass bring to market a new sophisticated interior product; SGG SATINOVO MATT, a matt-finished translucent glass, intended primarily for interior applications and which can be used to create stunning aesthetic effects while diffusing light and emitting a purity of colour. SGG SATINOVO MATT provides a level of obscurity, offering similar benefits to patterned glass yet with a distinctive smooth and silky appearance. Its satin-smooth surface doesn’t mark with dirt or finger SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS LAUNCHES ENERGY EFFICIENT GLASS PLANITHERM ONE T Saint-Gobain Glass has re-launched its PLANITHERM ONE and PLANITHERM ONE II as a single-stock product known as PLANITHERM ONE T. Boasting an excellent optimum centre-pane U-value in a double-glazed unit of just 1.0W/m2K, going as low as 0.5 W/m2K for triple-glazed units, the coating offers an optimised balance of very high thermal performance and solar gain. Making stock holdings easier for customers, UK-produced PLANITHERM ONE T can be used either annealed or toughened and 84 SEP 2014 significantly improves the whole window U-values for all frame types, helping specifiers to meet and exceed Building Regulations requirements. Particularly suited to both residential new-build and commercial renovation sectors, it offers an excellent contribution to whole building energy efficiency levels (TER). In line with SGG’s impressive ‘green’ credentials, it is also very environmentally friendly given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption, it helps to considerably cut heating bills, and with a neutral appearance in both transmission and reflection it maximises the entry of natural daylight. Please contact Susan Lambeth – 01977 666196 or – for a copy of the SGG PLANITHERM ONE T brochure. To read more, visit