Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 78

conservatories ALL YEAR ROUND CONSERVATORIES – THANKS TO SUPALITE AND ROOF2ROOF The days when conservatories were either much too hot or much too chilly to be in use all year round are now gone, thanks to the major advances being made with conservatory roof systems. As manufacturers with in excess of 30 years in the conservatory industry, Absolute Window Co, one of the North West’s premier suppliers to the trade, predicted what a difference the Supalite tiled conservatory roof system could make. So impressed were they by the products credentials, almost three years ago they not only began installing the Supalite tiled conservatory roof system – but also applied and were granted a licence to manufacture the system themselves. Now the Worsley, Manchesterbased company’s own brand ‘roof2roof’ with Supalite continues to impress. “Stabilising temperature control has always been one of the biggest problem factors with existing conservatories,” he says. “Owners complained that they were either too hot or too cold and often, these were simply not used for much of the year which defeats the object of having them in the first place,” says Jim Dance, MD of roof2roof. “Fortunately, thanks to the extensive research and development that has created the Supalite system, a conservatory can easily be transformed from an unused wasted space to a virtual home extension that is versatile, comfortable and fully usable all year round,” says MD Jim Dance. “It is a structural system, offering many advantages and is a quality product that we believe represents an excellent investment to the homeowner. “Because this product is all about insulation and not just a cosmetic home improvement, the VAT rate is just 5 percent from the installer to the consumer, which is an added sales incentive. “With a U value of just 0.18 it ticks the energy efficiency box. Large rooflights can be incorporated to allow in light, and the roofs also look aesthetically pleasing. “There is no condensation problem thanks to airflow throughout the system. A choice of tiles is available providing a secure roof.” Trade customers can expect a full back-up and support service. ‘an excellent investment’ Find out how these products can boost your business: call Jim Dance to find out more on 0161 793 1166. ADVISE CUSTOMERS ON PROPER OPERATION & CARE OF THEIR BLINDS, SAYS SUNSHADE Given the wonderful summer sunshine we are all enjoying, blinds have never been so useful. But it is important that customers understand how to operate them properly, and maintain them correctly, say Sunshade. All blind units are fully tested before leaving the Sunshade Factory, and should have been tested by the installer on receipt and tested for correct operation by the installer after installation. Installers should ensure customers are aware of the following: Failure to maintain the blinds may cause internal damage and invalidate the warranty. Sunshade blinds utilise a very stable and reliable system which require low levels of maintenance to ensure full and long lasting operation. They are operated by 78 SEP 2014 control magnets sliding on rollers on the surface of the glass so the blinds can be fully raised and lowered, and tilted and turned. ‘may cause internal damage and invalidate the warranty’ The magnets sit over tracks at the sides (or bottom for tilt/turn only blinds) of the sealed unit. The blinds can be raised/lowered and tilted/turned by sliding the control magnets up or down their tracks. The magnets may be held in the correct position over the track by guide rails (if fitted) which ensure the magnets cannot come loose from the window or door. There will be no difference in operation of the blinds whether fitted with or without the guide rails. For best operation the slats should be in the horizontal position before the blind is raised. When the slats are being raised or lowered i t is advisable for users to look at the slats while operating the blind so that pressure can be reduced as approaching the fully raised or fully lowered position. This will avoid the magnet slipping out of alignment with the magnets inside the track. Regular cleaning of the glass tracks is essential at least every three months to ensure that the control magnets remain easy to operate. The backs of magnets and the rollers on their carriages may be cleaned providing no guide rails are fitted. ‘damp cloth only’ Cleaning should be done with a damp cloth only. No solvents or cleaning fluids should be used. To read more, visit