Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 77

conservatories Colour gives Quantal aluminium roofs that special finishing touch Adding a conservatory, orangery or atrium to a property is a great way of enhancing living space, but a coloured roof without doubt adds that extra finishing touch that sets a property apart from the rest. Quantal’s aluminium conservatory roofs are available in a range of colours, from subtle, heritage shades to bolder and brighter contemporary colours – and just about anything in between, so whether the property is modern or period, there is a colour that will improve it and add value. In fact, the colour can be anything the homeowner wants it to be, thanks to a broad colour choice based on industry standard RAL and BS (British Standard) shade charts. The homeowner can, therefore, choose their colour as they would with ordinary, liquid paint. But that is where all similarities stop when comparing liquid paint and powder coating. The Quantal in-house paint shop team use the latest ‘spray and bake on’ process to powder coat the aluminium roof in the highgrade acrylic colour of choice. In fact it is the same process that is used on car bodywork and modern bicycle frames that gives such a durable finish. Powder coating provides a superior finish, it’s as simple as that, says Quantal. Due to the application process and the fact that the paint is baked on at 60degC, the colour with powder coating adheres much better than liquid paint and forms more of a skin over the ‘The result is a smooth, uniform finish’ aluminium. This results in an even distribution of colour ,so doing away with any variations between vertical and horizontal sections. The result is a smooth, uniform finish, similar to the ones on those gleaming new cars in the showroom. The other great advantage of the powder coating process is the tough, durable finish that is fully guaranteed by Quantal to last. After all, nobody wants colour that fades. To read more, visit SEP 2014 77